Safest Cities by State 2022

Glen Falls, New York

Glen Falls is one of the safest cities in the country. Although most people associate the state largely with New York City, which is the most populous city in the nation, there are various luxury and protected areas that have a sizable population with an extremely low crime rate and a clean atmosphere. Glen Falls is a city that is located north of Albany, which is along the Hudson River. Unsurprisingly, there is a thriving art scene, and it is very close to the Adirondack Mountains. Glen Falls also has extremely affordable real estate prices, which is peculiar for its location.

Many would think that life here would be more expensive, but find that it is more cost-effective than living near the downtown core. There has been a recent influx into the city because of the switch to a more remote learning and remote working atmosphere. This gives workers more power to shift their living situations to a location agnostic place that has great schools, sports programs, and a great balance of urban, suburban, and natural lifestyles.

Midland, Michigan

As with the above, Michigan is often known for the city of Detroit, which is one of the most dangerous cities in America. To put this in perspective, Detroit has a violent crime rate that is greater than 20, while Midland's violent crime rate sits at only 3. The median household income is around $60,000 and sports a median home price in the low as $200,000. Dow chemical company's birthplace is in Midland, but this does not make the city an industrial center. Dow Gardens contains a 110-acre garden and conversation area that is available to all locals and tourists.

Midland is very peaceful and is nearing 100,000 souls. The quiet and affordable lifestyle dissuades people from needing to commit crimes against one another.

State College, Pennsylvania

State College is a great addition to the list, as it offers a completely different lifestyle than the two cities previously mentioned. Pennsylvania is known for being the home of Penn State University, which is one of the most popular destinations for academia, sports, and higher education. State College is extremely close to campus, and it is not uncommon for many graduates, alumni, and students to live in the town. It attracts like-minded individuals, and the demand for more professional roles is higher here when compared to many other towns of this size.

State College is a little more on the pricier side, but the median household income is much lower. The median home price is around the low to mid 300s, but the median household income is $34,000. This paints the picture of the demographics living in the town, who are mostly students that are attending classes full time and may have a part-time income or share the house with someone else. It has one of the lowest violent crime rates of 2, which makes sense due to the nature of the city and its values.

Safest Cities by State 2022