States With Medical Marijuana 2020

Around the United States, one of the hottest topics of debate today is whether medical marijuana should be legalized. There are many people for the legalization of medical marijuana, pointing to its health benefits, its natural properties, and how it can replace dangerous prescription medications. On the other side, there are opponents to legalizing medical marijuana, with most people stating that it’s an addictive drug that can lead to other, harder drugs.

No matter what your personal feelings are on the subject, some states are moving forward with the legalization of medical marijuana. In these states, medical-grade marijuana can be prescribed by a doctor to patients experiencing anything from seizures to nerve pain, glaucoma, or even cancer.

What’s interesting about medical marijuana is how it can be administered. While most people immediately think of smoking marijuana, this isn’t the only way it can be administered. There are capsules, patches, sprays, oils, and lozenges available to help a patient with their symptoms.

As of January 2019, a total of 33 states plus Washington, D.C., have legalized medical marijuana.

The states where medical marijuana is legal are:

In addition to being legal in these states in the U.S., medical marijuana has also been legalized around the world in 13 countries including Australia, Poland, Germany, Israel, Italy, and Greece.

States With Medical Marijuana 2020