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UTC−10 (HST)

Time Zone by State 2024

Time Zone by State 2024

Time zones in the United States create a diverse picture, with each state adhering to its own unique time standard. From the Eastern Time Zone (EST) along the East Coast to the Pacific Time Zone (PST) on the West Coast, and even extending to Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST) and Alaska Standard Time (AKST), the country spans a range of six time zones. Each state's time zone is determined by factors such as its geographical location and historical considerations. For instance, most of Florida follows EST, but parts of the panhandle observe Central Standard Time (CST). Similarly, while most of Texas operates on CST, certain western counties, like El Paso and Hudspeth, follow Mountain Standard Time (MST).

Time Zone by State 2024

Table uses the following official abbreviations:

  • EST = Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5)
  • CST = Central Standard Time (UTC-6)
  • MST = Mountain Standard Time (UTC-7)
  • PST = Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
  • AKST = Alaska Standard Time (UTC-9)
  • HST = Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (UTC-10)

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Time Zone Earliest
Time Zone Latest
AlabamaUTC−6 (CST)UTC−6 (CST)
AlaskaUTC−9 (AKST)UTC−10 (HST)
While most of Alaska follows AKST, the Aleutian Islands follow HST. Additionally, the town of Hyde...
ArizonaUTC−7 (MST)UTC−7 (MST)
ArkansasUTC−6 (CST)UTC−6 (CST)
CaliforniaUTC−8 (PST)UTC−8 (PST)
ColoradoUTC−7 (MST)UTC−7 (MST)
ConnecticutUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
DelawareUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
FloridaUTC−5 (EST)UTC−6 (CST)
Most of Florida follows EST, but the region west of the Apalachicola River follows CST
GeorgiaUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
HawaiiUTC−10 (HST)UTC−10 (HST)
IdahoUTC−7 (MST)UTC−8 (PST)
Most of Idaho follows MST, but the panhandle north of the Salmon River follows PST
IllinoisUTC−6 (CST)UTC−6 (CST)
IndianaUTC−5 (EST)UTC−6 (CST)
Most of Indiana follows EST, but the western corners of the state follow CST
IowaUTC−6 (CST)UTC−6 (CST)
KansasUTC−6 (CST)UTC−7 (MST)
Most of Kansas follows CST, with only the western counties of Greeley, Hamilton, Sherman and Wallace...
KentuckyUTC−5 (EST)UTC−6 (CST)
Kentucky is split nearly in half between CST and EST
LouisianaUTC−6 (CST)UTC−6 (CST)
MaineUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
MarylandUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
MassachusettsUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
MichiganUTC−5 (EST)UTC−6 (CST)
Most of Michigan follows EST, but the region where the upper peninsula touches Wisconsin follows CST
MinnesotaUTC−6 (CST)UTC−6 (CST)
MississippiUTC−6 (CST)UTC−6 (CST)
MissouriUTC−6 (CST)UTC−6 (CST)
MontanaUTC−7 (MST)UTC−7 (MST)
NebraskaUTC−6 (CST)UTC−7 (MST)
Nebraska is split roughly 70/30 beween MST and CST
NevadaUTC−7 (MST)UTC−8 (PST)
The town of West Wendover, located on the Utah border and contiguous with the town of Wendover, Utah...
New HampshireUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
New JerseyUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
New MexicoUTC−7 (MST)UTC−7 (MST)
New YorkUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
North CarolinaUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
North DakotaUTC−6 (CST)UTC−7 (MST)
Most of North Dakota follows CST, but the southwestern corner follows MST
OhioUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
OklahomaUTC−6 (CST)UTC−6 (CST)
OregonUTC−7 (MST)UTC−8 (PST)
Most of Oregon follows PST, but the majority of Malheur County in the east follows MST
PennsylvaniaUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
Rhode IslandUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
South CarolinaUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
South DakotaUTC−6 (CST)UTC−7 (MST)
South Dakota is split roughly 60/40 beween MST and CST
TennesseeUTC−5 (EST)UTC−6 (CST)
Western Tennessee and Marion County follow CST), while eastern Tennessee (except for Marion County) ...
TexasUTC−6 (CST)UTC−7 (MST)
Most of Texas follows CST, with only the western counties of El Paso and Hudspeth following MST
UtahUTC−7 (MST)UTC−7 (MST)
VermontUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
VirginiaUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
WashingtonUTC−8 (PST)UTC−8 (PST)
West VirginiaUTC−5 (EST)UTC−5 (EST)
WisconsinUTC−6 (CST)UTC−6 (CST)
WyomingUTC−7 (MST)UTC−7 (MST)
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