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Tire Chain Laws by State 2024

Tire Chain Laws by State 2024

Tire chain laws vary across states in the United States, with regulations dictating when and where tire chains are permitted or required for vehicles. While some states allow tire chains under specific guidelines or when required by weather conditions, others have no tire chain laws at all.

In states like California and Nevada, tire chains are only allowed when signs are posted indicating that they are required. Similarly, Colorado mandates tire chains for commercial vehicles and trucks from September 1 through May 31, highlighting the importance of snow preparedness in mountainous regions.

Conversely, states like Florida and Hawaii have no tire chain laws due to their warmer climates and minimal snowfall. However, in states like Alaska and Montana, tire chains are permitted during specific times of the year or when snow conditions necessitate their use.

It's important for drivers to familiarize themselves with tire chain laws in the states they plan to travel through, as failure to comply with regulations can result in fines or penalties. By understanding and adhering to tire chain laws, motorists can ensure their safety and the safety of others during winter driving conditions.

Tire Chain Laws by State 2024

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Tire Chain Law
Tire Chain Specific Guidlines
AlabamaAllowed when required
AlaskaSpecific GuidlinesPermited: May 1 through September 15 when north of 60 North Latitude. April 15 through September 30 when south of 60 North Latitude. For other zones special permit needed.
ArizonaAllowed when required
ArkansasAllowed when required
CaliforniaSpecific GuidlinesOnly when signs ware posted that chains are required.
ColoradoSpecific GuidlinesFrom September 1 through May 31 commercial vehicles and trucks must have chains.
ConnecticutSpecific GuidlinesFrom Nov. 15 through April 30 chains are permitted.
DelawareAllowed when required
FloridaNo Tire Chain Law
GeorgiaAllowed when required
HawaiiNo Tire Chain Law
IdahoSpecific GuidlinesAdvised to avoid it unless necessary.
IllinoisAllowed when required
IndianaAllowed when required
IowaAllowed when required
KansasAllowed when required
KentuckySpecific GuidlinesNot allowed unless the road is ice-covered or vehicle has an ice shoe at least 6 in wide.
LouisianaAllowed when required
MaineAllowed when required
MarylandAllowed when requiredNot allowed on vehicles weighing more than 10,000 lbs.
MassachusettsSpecific GuidlinesPermitted from Nov 1-May 1.
MichiganAllowed when required
MinnesotaAllowed when required
MississippiAllowed when required
MissouriNo Tire Chain Law
MontanaSpecific GuidlinesFrom Octobr 1st to May 1st permited; and if notices are posted.
NebraskaAllowed when required
NevadaSpecific GuidlinesRequired on all vehicles over 10,000 lbs when requirements in effect. Studded tires permitted between Oct 1-April 30.
New HampshireNo Tire Chain Law
New JerseyAllowed when required
New MexicoAllowed when required
New YorkSpecific GuidlinesRequired when a snow emergency has been declared.
North CarolinaAllowed when required
North DakotaAllowed when required
OhioSpecific GuidlinesPermited from November 1st to April 1st.
OklahomaAllowed when required
OregonSpecific GuidlinesRequired on vehicles over 10,000 lbs when SNOW ZONE signs are posted.
PennsylvaniaSpecific GuidlinesPermitted between Nov 1-April 15, restrictions on the size of tires or studs.
Rhode IslandAllowed when required
South CarolinaAllowed when required
South DakotaAllowed when required
TennesseeSpecific GuidlinesPermitted Oct 1-April 1, with specific regulations on the percentage of wire or other material that comes in contact with the road.
TexasAllowed when required
UtahSpecific GuidlinesBetween Nov 1-March 31, if signs are posted, vehicles must have chains or snow tires.
VermontNo Tire Chain Law
VirginiaAllowed when required
WashingtonNo Tire Chain Law
West VirginiaAllowed when required
WisconsinAllowed when required
WyomingSpecific GuidlinesSigns will be posted indicating when chain laws are in effect, and must use adequate snow tires or chains.
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