Umarex Airsaber Legal States 2022

The Umarex Airsaber Legal States

The Umarex Airsaber is an air-powered bow designed for hunting. It can be used to take game animals like deer and turkey in North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington state, Maryland, Alabama, Missouri, Arizona, and Virginia. Texas, Florida, and Georgia also allow hog hunting with air weapons. South Carolina and Georgia allow alligator hunting with air weapons. Finally, there are over 30 Umarex Airsaber legal states for varmints like coyotes. Several states are considering legislation to allow air weapons for hunting, so this list will likely grow in the near future.

How the Umarex Airsaber Works

The Umarex Airsaber, like most hunting air weapons, uses pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) power to propel its projectile. PCP air weapons are the most powerful type of air weapons, and they are the type most often used for hunting. While most air rifles shoot a small pellet, the Airsaber shoots a full-length arrow. It uses over 3600 psi of pressure to fire this arrow at around 475 feet per second. In practice, the Airsaber is very similar to a crossbow. It can shoot up to 25 shots before the power starts to wane. After this point, the projectile is no longer being propelled with enough force to humanely kill large game. Like a crossbow, the Airsaber can mount a scope. This may be necessary, as it can effectively kill animals at distances approaching 70 yards.

Airbows vs. Air Rifles for Hunting

Hunting air rifles were developed before airbows, and they are still far more popular. However, as more airbows reach the market and prove their effectiveness in the field, some hunters are starting to prefer them over air rifles.

Airbows have several advantages over air rifles. The first and most important advantage is stopping power. A full-size arrow hits much harder than a small pellet, especially at close ranges. A pellet is also more likely to shatter upon impact, which could produce dangerous shrapnel.

However, airbows do have several drawbacks. The large arrows are much more likely to hit twigs or branches and get deflected. Also, they are more susceptible to wind due to their vanes. Finally, airbow arrows have to be specially made for this application. Regular arrows will not work. In fact, it may even be dangerous to use regular arrows in an airgun. The Airsaber comes with three arrows made specifically for the weapon.

Umarex Airsaber Legal States 2022