Wallaby Legal States 2022

People interested in keeping or having a wallaby should first find out if they live in one of the wallaby legal states in the US. A wallaby, think large animal and a smaller version of the kangaroo, and you get the wallaby. As you also might have figured out or already know, is that wallabies have the exotic animal classification.

That and other factors also limit the number of wallaby legal states. Can you legally own a wallaby? If you live in a state where exotic animals are legal to own, the answer is yes. Here is a look at a few of the states where it is legal to own and keep a wallaby.


Of all the wallaby legal states and states where the laws, restrictions, and requirements regarding exotic animals are most lax, Oklahoma tops the list. In fact, when it comes to wallabies and most types of exotic and other animals, there are not real restrictions throughout the state.


Another state that you may consider exotic animal or wallaby-friendly is Colorado. At last check, the state allowed up to six animals without any significant or considerable legal concerns. Of the particular laws governing exotic animals, two are worth noting. One regards the marketing of said animals, which simply isn't permitted. The other, which correlates, is that these animals can't be used for business purposes.

South Carolina

The state of South Carolina also permits keeping exotic animals as domestic pets and can be considered one of the wallaby legal states. The caveat regarding the laws in South Carolina concerns caging and emergency plans.


Although Georgia technically permits having a wallaby as a pet, it comes in towards the bottom of the list for a reason. Namely, the many and various laws regarding keeping wallabies in Georgia. Those laws also infringe on virtually every conceivable aspect of having a wallaby, including transportation, acquisition, and more.


The large state of Texas makes the list of wallaby legal states but also comes with an asterisk. To begin with, any exotic animal, including wallabies, is typically illegal to keep or have within any city limit ordinance in the state of Texas. The keeping or having exotic animals in Texas is also an area that isn't necessarily as clear cut as those that do or don't permit wallabies.

If you are considering getting a wallaby, the best bet is to contact your local state department for more information.

Wallaby Legal States 2022