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Wallaby Legal States 2024

Wallaby Legal States 2024

A wallaby is a marsupial that is part of the kangaroo family. They are found primarily in Australia and New Zealand. However, in recent years, they have become exotic pets that people are interested in owning.

Where Can I Own a Wallaby?

People interested in keeping or having a wallaby should first find out if they live in one of the wallaby-legal states in the U.S.

Some states do not have any laws that address owning a wallaby as a pet. In both Tennessee and Wisconsin, this lack of law making them illegal means that a pet wallaby can be kept in the states.

Seventeen states allow residents to own a pet wallaby with no restrictions. North Carolina, for example, has no rules for owning an exotic animal as a pet. An additional twelve states require potential wallaby owners to obtain a permit.

Only nine states—Alaska, California, Connecticut, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Montana, Nebraska, and Washington have laws that make it expressly illegal for a person to own a pet wallaby.

If you are considering getting a wallaby, the best bet is to contact your local state department for more information.

What Do I Need for My Pet Wallaby?

If you live in one of the wallaby-friendly states, you will need to make sure you are prepared to take care of your new pet. Wallaby can jump up to four feet in the air, so fencing needs to be tall to keep your pet contained. Because they are strong, it is important for the fence to be strong as well.

Because wallabies are not common pets in the United States, it can be hard to find appropriate food for them. Wallaby food must be ordered from an area where they are more common. Because your wallaby will need to be fed many times per day, this will be a great expense that should be considered when deciding whether to own one as a pet.

Wallaby Legal States 2024

  • Laws regulating exotic pets may change at any time. Moreover, even in states that permit wallabies, they may be restricted at a county, municipal, or local level.
  • As such, prospective wallaby parents are encouraged to confirm the pet's legality with all relevant local officials before adopting.
  • Data were unavailable for a handful of (unlisted) states.

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Wallaby Legality
ArkansasPermit required
FloridaPermit required
HawaiiPermit required
IdahoPermit required
MichiganPermit required
New JerseyPermit required
PennsylvaniaPermit required
TennesseePermit required
VermontPermit required
VirginiaPermit required
West VirginiaPermit required
WisconsinPermit required
WyomingPermit required
South DakotaNo law
ColoradoLicense required
South CarolinaLicense required
New YorkLegal
District of ColumbiaIllegal
New HampshireIllegal
New MexicoIllegal
North CarolinaIllegal
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