Worst School Districts by State 2022

Does the United States Have a Strong School System?

There are a lot of people who are concerned that the United States is falling behind the rest of the world, particularly when it comes to reading and math. When compared to other countries, the United States tends to lag behind in several key areas. Even though there are exceptional private schools in the United States, and the university system remains one of the strongest in the world, secondary education continues to be an area where the United States falls behind. There are some school districts that are better than others, and there are a few school districts that parents need to stay away from.

What Is the Worst School District in Alabama?

It should come as no surprise that Alabama has an incredibly poor public school system, but there are some districts that simply deserve their own recognition. For example, Chickasaw City Schools, which are located in Mobile County, are famous for having poor student performance. There are a lot of students in the region who face a lot of disadvantages outside of the classroom, including poverty. These stressors can have a significant impact on student performance, but it doesn't help that less than one out of every six adults in the state has a bachelor’s degree. It is clear that this is an area that does not value a college education, and that trickles down to other areas of education as well.

What is the Worst School District in Arkansas?

Poverty is a significant issue in other parts of the country as well. One example is the Osceola School District, which is located in Arkansas. In this school district, more than 40 percent of all students in the county live in poverty, and that makes it very difficult for students to do well in the classroom. In this district, just over 9 percent of all adults have a bachelor's degree, which can make it very difficult for children to get help at home. Because the property values are so low, there is not a lot of tax revenue funding the education system, and that is reflected in the quality of the education that children receive.

What Is the Worst School District in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a state that struggles to provide a strong public education system for its students. As good as its universities are, its secondary opportunities tend to lag behind. There is some debate regarding the worst school district in North Carolina, but Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools have struggled for many decades. The school district is simply too large to be managed appropriately, and there are a lot of students that fall through the cracks. In addition, Thomasville City Schools, which are located in Davidson County, also struggle to meet the needs of students. There is a high child poverty rate in the area, and not a lot of people in this area have a college degree. That makes it difficult for students to succeed.

Worst School Districts by State 2022