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Population of Counties in Wisconsin (2024)

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2024 Population
Growth Since 2020
Area (mi²)
Density (/mi²)
Milwaukee County914,332-2.58%2413,794Milwaukee County location
Dane County582,9363.61%1.2K487Dane County location
Waukesha County414,9091.82%550754Waukesha County location
Brown County272,7661.42%530515Brown County location
Racine County197,265-0.15%333592Racine County location
Outagamie County194,1991.69%638304Outagamie County location
Winnebago County172,7820.56%435397Winnebago County location
Kenosha County167,339-1.1%272615Kenosha County location
Rock County164,7150.58%718229Rock County location
Marathon County139,2690.86%1.5K90Marathon County location
Washington County138,5801.3%431322Washington County location
La Crosse County120,720-0.17%452267La Crosse County location
Sheboygan County117,843-0.18%512230Sheboygan County location
Eau Claire County109,0202.95%638171Eau Claire County location
Walworth County105,9800.62%555191Walworth County location
Fond du Lac County104,084-0.08%720145Fond du Lac County location
St. Croix County97,5593.93%722135St. Croix County location
Ozaukee County93,8992.48%233403Ozaukee County location
Dodge County88,088-1.42%876101Dodge County location
Jefferson County85,761-0.52%556154Jefferson County location
Manitowoc County81,4640.09%589138Manitowoc County location
Wood County74,100-0.13%79393Wood County location
Portage County71,4141.43%80189Portage County location
Chippewa County67,1871.28%1K67Chippewa County location
Sauk County66,0700.43%83279Sauk County location
Columbia County57,954-0.99%76676Columbia County location
Calumet County53,6862.29%318169Calumet County location
Grant County51,503-0.93%1.1K45Grant County location
Waupaca County51,266-1.03%74869Waupaca County location
Barron County46,9510.46%86354Barron County location
Monroe County46,4080.23%90152Monroe County location
Polk County45,9782.08%91450Polk County location
Dunn County45,9661.16%85054Dunn County location
Douglas County44,302-0.11%1.3K34Douglas County location
Pierce County43,5003.01%57476Pierce County location
Marinette County42,2460.85%1.4K30Marinette County location
Shawano County41,2310.92%89346Shawano County location
Oconto County39,8541.99%1K40Oconto County location
Oneida County38,2591.03%1.1K34Oneida County location
Green County37,017-0.05%58463Green County location
Clark County34,8160.42%1.2K29Clark County location
Vernon County31,2771.89%79239Vernon County location
Trempealeau County30,9070.29%73342Trempealeau County location
Door County30,5731.51%48263Door County location
Lincoln County28,4550.1%87932Lincoln County location
Juneau County26,413-1.35%76734Juneau County location
Waushara County24,9411.59%62640Waushara County location
Vilas County24,0284.03%85828Vilas County location
Iowa County23,9540.99%76331Iowa County location
Adams County21,6464.69%64634Adams County location
Jackson County20,817-1.32%98821Jackson County location
Kewaunee County20,7270.8%34261Kewaunee County location
Taylor County20,1751.22%97521Taylor County location
Green Lake County19,4802.43%35056Green Lake County location
Langlade County19,306-0.81%87122Langlade County location
Sawyer County18,5832.57%1.3K15Sawyer County location
Richland County17,266-0.1%58629Richland County location
Burnett County17,1963.73%82221Burnett County location
Washburn County16,9892.24%79721Washburn County location
Lafayette County16,9842.2%63427Lafayette County location
Bayfield County16,8793.95%1.5K11Bayfield County location
Ashland County16,1180.6%1K15Ashland County location
Marquette County15,8991.98%45635Marquette County location
Crawford County15,873-1.32%57128Crawford County location
Rusk County14,1870.08%91416Rusk County location
Price County14,0450.14%1.3K11Price County location
Buffalo County13,4481.04%67620Buffalo County location
Forest County9,3181.63%1K9Forest County location
Pepin County7,5042.22%23232Pepin County location
Iron County6,2571.92%7588Iron County location
Florence County4,6582.04%48810Florence County location
Menominee County4,246-0.26%35812Menominee County location
showing: 72 rows

There are 72 counties in Wisconsin. In 2019, the most populous county in Wisconsin is Milwaukee County, home of the city of Milwaukee, with 948,201 residents. This represents stagnant growth since the last census with a minor decline of 0.01%. After Milwaukee County, other large counties in Wisconsin include Dane County (542,364), Waukesha County (403,072), and Brown County (263,378). These are the only Wisconsin counties with a population of more than 200,000, although Wisconsin also has 12 counties with a population of 100,000 to 199,000. Of these counties, Dane County experienced the most rapid growth of 10.87%.

Wisconsin Counties with Fewest Residents

Wisconsin is home to five counties with a population below 10,000. The least populous county in Wisconsin is Florence County with 4,321 residents representing a decline of 1.75% since the census. Other small counties in Wisconsin include Menominee County (4,658), Iron County (5,676), Pepin County (7,289), and Forest County (8,991). Of these counties, Menominee County experienced the most growth since the census of 9.11%. Iron County experienced the greatest decline with a growth rate of -4.19%.

Wisconsin Counties with Rapid Growth

Dane County, home of the city of Madison, experienced the most rapid growth in Wisconsin with a growth rate of 10.87% since the 2010 census. Other cities that have reported significant growth include Menominee County (9.11%), St. Croix County (6.26%), Brown County (5.99%), Outagamie County (5.91%), and Eau Claire County (5.57%). The county with the largest decline in population is Price County with a growth rate of -4.97%.

Population of Counties in Wisconsin (2024)

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