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Biggest Colleges in the World by Country 2024

Even though there are lots of colleges and universities that have tens of thousands of students, there are also some educational systems spread throughout the world that have even more. For example, the India Gandhi National Open University has approximately 3 million students, and it claims to be the biggest university in the world. Of note, this is a university that has approximately 67 regional centers, so these students are not in the same place. They are spread out across multiple locations, but it still has an impressive enrollment.

What Are the Biggest Colleges in the United States?

The United States also has several very large colleges. For example, the University of Central Florida is one of the largest colleges in the country. It is located in Orlando, Florida, not far from some of the biggest amusement parks in the world, such as Disney World and Universal Studios. Texas A&M University, located in College Station, Texas, is also a very large university. The sports teams participate in the Southeastern Conference and play against other schools such as Alabama and LSU. Ohio State University is one of the largest universities in the country as well. It is located in Columbus, Ohio, and its mascot is the Buckeye. Ohio State University participates in the Big Ten.

What Is the Largest College in the United States by Area?

There are several large colleges in the United States, both in terms of the number of students and in terms of area. Arguably the largest college in the United States in terms of area is Berry College, which is a liberal arts college located in Rome, Georgia. It is located on Mount Berry, in northern Rome, and it has approximately 28,000 acres of land in the mountainous areas of Northern Georgia. Even though the enrollment is only 2,100 students, Berry College is still one of the largest colleges in the country in terms of land area.

Is it Good To Go To a Large College?

There are lots of people who are wondering whether they should go to a larger or smaller institution. There is no right or wrong answer to this. It is simply important for people to figure out what type of environment is right for them. There are lots of advantages that come with going to a larger college. With so many people available, people can afford to be pickier in terms of who they decide to be friends with. In addition, larger colleges tend to have more resources at their disposal, so they may offer more classes. This means that students may have an easier time getting into the classes they need, which can make it easier for them to learn the material they were required to start a career.

On the other hand, a larger college can also be overwhelming for some people. It can be easier to get lost, and some people might have a hard time deciding what classes to take.

  • Value shown for Indira Gandhi National Open University is a minimum estimate. Actual enrollment may be higher.
  • Although the National Technological Institute of Mexico university system was founded by presidential decree in 2014, it incorporated the 263 existing Institutes of Technology, the first of which was founded in 1948.

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Year Founded
Remote / In-Person
India7,140,000Indira Gandhi National Open University1985BothPublic
United States2,133,846California Community Colleges System1967In-PersonPublic
Bangladesh2,097,182National University, Bangladesh1992In-PersonPublic
Turkey1,974,343Anadolu University1958BothPublic
Pakistan1,027,000Allama Iqbal Open University1974BothPublic
Iran1,000,000Islamic Azad University1982In-PersonPrivate
India665,000Savitribai Phule Pune University1948In-PersonPublic
Bangladesh650,000Bangladesh Open University1992RemotePublic
Indonesia646,467Universitas Terbuka1984RemotePublic
Mexico620,000National Technological Institute of Mexico1948In-PersonPublic
United States606,232State University of New York system1948In-PersonPublic
Nepal604,437Tribhuvan University1959In-PersonPublic
India560,000Chaudhary Charan Singh University1965In-PersonPublic
India549,432University of Mumbai1857In-PersonPublic
Thailand525,000Ramkhamhaeng University1971In-PersonPublic
Nigeria515,000National Open University of Nigeria2002RemotePublic
United States479,000California State University system1857In-PersonPublic
United States478,000University System of Ohio2007In-PersonPublic
Pakistan450,000University of the Punjab1882In-PersonPublic
India450,000Dr. B R Ambedkar Open University1982RemotePublic
South Africa420,000University of South Africa1873RemotePublic
Iran400,000Payame Noor University1987BothPublic
India400,000University of Delhi1922BothPublic
India390,000Sikkim Manipal University1995In-PersonPrivate
United States375,000Minnesota State Colleges and Universities1995In-PersonPublic
United States358,522State University System of Florida1954In-PersonPublic
Mexico356,530National Autonomous University of Mexico1551In-PersonPublic
United States318,027University System of Georgia1931In-PersonPublic
Argentina316,050University of Buenos Aires1821In-PersonPublic
India300,000Osmania University1918In-PersonPublic
United States274,357City University of New York1961In-PersonPublic
Spain260,079National University of Distance Education1972BothPublic
India260,000Rajiv Gandhi Technical University1998In-PersonPublic
Egypt257,200Cairo University1908In-PersonPublic
United States238,700University of California system1869In-PersonPublic
United States221,337University of Texas System1881In-PersonPublic
Brazil215,000Estácio de Sá University1970In-PersonPrivate
Mexico209,406University of Guadalajara1791In-PersonPublic
Mexico206,000University of Nuevo León1933In-PersonPublic
United Kingdom205,420Open University1969BothPublic
Iran200,000University of Applied Science and Technology1992Public
United States191,567Technical College System of Georgia1970In-PersonPublic
United States189,351Utah System of Higher Education1894In-PersonPublic
Russia180,000Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration1977In-PersonPublic
Saudi Arabia177,234King Abdulaziz University1976In-PersonPublic
Iran175,000Technical and Vocational University1965In-PersonPublic
Pakistan174,000University of Karachi1951In-PersonPublic
Mexico171,581National Polytechnic Institute1936In-PersonPublic
United States170,000Southern New Hampshire University1932BothPrivate
Egypt170,000Ain Shams University1950In-PersonPublic
United Kingdom170,000University of London1836In-PersonPublic
United States169,792University of North Carolina system1789In-PersonPublic
United States163,786Illinois Board of Higher Education1862In-PersonPublic
United States162,933University of Wisconsin System1848In-PersonPublic
Malaysia160,957Universiti Teknologi MARA1956In-PersonPublic
South Korea151,413Korea National Open University1972BothPublic
India150,000Uttar Pradesh Technical University2000In-PersonPublic
India150,000Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open University1991RemotePublic
Italy147,000Sapienza University of Rome1303In-PersonPublic
United States144,363University System of Maryland1988In-PersonPublic
Uruguay144,108University of the Republic1849In-PersonPublic
Brazil130,000Norte do Paraná University1972BothPrivate
United States126,000University of the People2009RemotePrivate
Guatemala124,000University of San Carlos of Guatemala1676In-PersonPublic
France120,000National Centre for Distance Education1939RemotePublic
Colombia116,782UNIMINUTO system1990BothPrivate
United States114,691Texas A&M University System1876In-PersonPublic
Argentina113,558National University of Córdoba1613In-PersonPublic
United States110,428Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education1982In-PersonPublic
United States110,000Liberty University1971BothPrivate
Canada101,915Université du Québec1968BothPublic
Germany100,000IU International University of Applied Sciences1998BothPrivate
Pakistan100,000Virtual University of Pakistan2002RemotePublic
Vietnam98,648Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City1995In-PersonPublic
Serbia97,696University of Belgrade1808In-PersonPublic
Austria91,715University of Vienna1365In-PersonPublic
Mexico91,200Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education1943In-PersonPrivate
Canada88,766University of Toronto1827In-PersonPublic
Greece88,283Aristotle University of Thessaloniki1925In-PersonPublic
Spain83,000Complutense University of Madrid1293In-PersonPublic
Iran80,000Farhangian University2012In-PersonPublic
Germany76,096University of Hagen1974RemotePublic
Iran60,000Academic Center for Education, Culture and Research1980In-PersonPrivate
showing: 83 rows

Biggest Colleges in the World by Country 2024

Which country has largest universities in the world?

The largest university in the world, India's Gandhi National Open University has about 3 million students enrolled.

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