Countries that Use Pounds 2022

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United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is the most well known of the countries that use pounds, and is one of the most widely exchanged currencies in the world. Here it is called the Sterling Pound, designated by the abbreviation GBP. It is fourth in the world for trading after the United States dollar, the Euro, and the Yen. This currency is dated to 1158 and came into effect under the rule of King Henry II who launched the Sterling Pound, then called Sterling Silver. In 2021, 1 Sterling Pound or GBP = $1.34 USD and $1.74 CAD (Canadian Dollar).


Egypt is also one of the countries that use pounds and here it is called the Egyptian Pound, designated by the abbreviation LE. This currency became official in 1834 when an Egyptian piastre confirmed it through a decree. Egypt's First World War occurred in the mid-twentieth century, during which Egypt converted back to the Sterling Pound until 1962. In 2021, 15.65 Egyptian Pounds = $1.00 USD, 12.49 Egyptian Pounds = $1 CAD (Canadian Dollar), and 21.68 Egyptian Pounds = 1 GBP (Sterling Pound.)


Lebanon is another of the countries that use pounds, and also has shared currencies with another country. The Lebanese Pound is now its official currency, and is designated by the abbreviation of LBP. The Lebanese Pound has only been the official currency since 1924. Prior to that, Lebanon used the Egyptian Pound. It was France that launched the Lebanon Pound for the country, giving it a value of 1 LBP = 20 francs. In 2021, 2,085 LBP = 1 GBP and 1,505 LPB = $1.00 United States Dollar.


The Syrian pound is the official currency and like other countries that use pounds, it has its own distinct value as well. This currency is distinguished by the abbreviation LS and came into effect in 1924. This pound was also introduced by the French. In 2021, 2,510 LS = $1.00 USD, 3,477 LS = 1 GBP; and 2,002 LS = $1.00 CAD.


Sudan is now two countries known as Sudan and the South Sudan. Both are countries that use pounds, and they use the same pound known as the Sudanese Pound. Prior to that, Sudan used the Egyptian Pound which replaced the Dinar. In 2021, 4,881.84 Sudanese Pounds = $11.00 USD; 3,895 = $11.00 CAD; 6,763 Sudanese Pounds = 11 GBP.


The Gibraltar pound is the currency used in Gibraltar and is designated by the abbreviation GIP. Prior to that, Gibraltar used the Spanish Real up to 1927. The Gibraltar pound notes are colored green, blue, orange, and purple and carry the image of Queen Elizabeth. The Gibraltar pound has almost the exact same exchange rate to other currencies as the Sterling Pound. In 2021, 1 GIP = 1 GBP, 1 GIP = $1.38 USD and 1 GIP = $1.74 CAD.

Countries that Use Pounds 2022

Countries that Use Pounds 2022