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Countries that Use the US Dollar 2024

The US dollar is a form of currency, similar to the peso, euro, or rupee, and is the main form of currency in the United States. In addition, the US dollar is one of the world's most valuable currencies and is the world's most popular form of reserve currency, and so is often held in large amounts by the governments of other countries to facilitate international transactions and insulate against fluctuations in their own currencies.

Countries that Use the US Dollar:

American SamoaUS TerritoryPalauCountry
BonaireNetherlands Municipality*PanamaCountry
British Virgin IslandsBritish Overseas Territory*Puerto RicoUS Territory
El SalvadorCountryTurks and CaicosBritish Overseas Territory*
GuamUS TerritoryUnited StatesCountry
Marshall IslandsCountryUnited States Virgin IslandsUS Territory
Northern Mariana IslandsUS Territory

Note: Entries marked with * are aligned with another country, but have chosen the US dollar as their currency. Zimbabwe counts the US dollar as official legal tender alongside several additional currencies, including the euro, the pound sterling, and the rand.

The US dollar is also frequently accepted in countries where it is not an official legal tender, but which are close enough to the US to attract many US tourists. For example, businesses in Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, Honduras, and Peru are often more than willing to accept US dollars.

In addition, many countries and territories peg the value of their own local currency to that of the US dollar, exchanging it either 1:1 or at a different, but fixed exchange rate. These countries and territories include Lebanon, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Grenada, and Aruba.

Countries with their own versions of the dollar

As with the peso and the pound, which exist in many forms around the world, the title "dollar" is given not only to US currency, but also to the currency of more than 20 additional countries and territories, including New Zealand, Liberia, and Hong Kong. As a rule, these currencies are referred to by their country names, such as Australian Dollar (AUD), which helps clarify that they are distinct currencies from the US dollar.

Countries That Use Non-US Dollars:

Country/TerritoryCurrencyICO 4217 code$1 USD (21 Nov 2022) =
AnguillaEastern Caribbean dollarXCD2.700 XCD
Antigua and BarbudaEastern Caribbean dollarXCD2.700 XCD
AustraliaAustralian dollarAUD1.511 AUD
BahamasBahamian dollarBSD1.000 BSD
BarbadosBarbadian dollarBBD2.000 BBD
BelizeBelize dollarBZD/USD2.018 BZD
BermudaBermudian dollarBMD1.000 BMD
BruneiBrunei dollar/Singapore dollarBND/SGD1.381 BND/SNG
CanadaCanadian dollarCAD1.344 CAD
Cayman IslandsCayman Islands dollarKYD0.820 KYD
DominicaEastern Caribbean dollarXCD2.700 XCD
FijiFijian dollarFJD2.241 FJD
GrenadaEastern Caribbean dollarXCD2.700 XCD
GuyanaGuyanese dollarGYD209.156 GYD
Hong KongHong Kong dollarHKD7.805 HKD
JamaicaJamaica dollarJMD1545.00 JMD
KiribatiKiribati dollar/Australian dollarKID/AUD1.511 AUD
LiberiaLiberian dollarLRD153.987 LRD
MontserratEastern Caribbean dollarXCD2.700 XCD
NamibiaNamibian dollar/South African randNAD/ZAR17.314 NAD/ZAR
NauruAustralian dollarAUD1.511 AUD
New ZealandNew Zealand dollarNZD1.636 NZD
Saint Kitts and NevisEastern Caribbean dollarXCD2.700 XCD
Saint LuciaEastern Caribbean dollarXCD2.700 XCD
Saint Pierre and MiquelonCanadian dollar/EU euroCAD/EUR1.344 CAD/0.97 EUR
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesEastern Caribbean dollarXCD2.700 XCD
SingaporeSingapore dollar/Brunei dollarSGD/BND1.381 BND/SNG
Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands dollarSBD8.254 SBD
SurinameSurinamese dollarSRD30.970 SRD
TaiwanNew Taiwan dollarTWD31.277 TWD
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago dollarTTD6.795 TTD
TuvaluTuvaluan dollar/Australian dollarTVD/AUD1.511 TVD/AUD

Note: Territories and dependencies of Australia and New Zealand also use the same currency.

History of the US dollar

The US dollar was adopted in the late 18th century. Previously, the Spanish dollar was used. The US Secretary of State, Alexander Hamilton, used the amount of silver in a Spanish dollar to define the US dollar. Each US dollar coin contained pure silver weighing slightly over 24 grams. Throughout the 19th century, non-silver metals were added to replace pure silver.

Today, coins valued at one US dollar or more are rarely seen, as the vast majority of coins have values of less than one dollar (1, 5, 10, or 25 cents). Amounts of a dollar or more are instead issued as paper bills, known formally as banknotes. Banknotes in US dollars are available in denominations of $1, $2 (rare), $5, $10, $20, $50, and $100. Bills of larger denominations were printed by the United States Treasury until 1945 and circulated until 1969. These banknotes included the values of $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, and a $100,000 gold certificate that was unavailable to the public and used only for transactions between banks.

US Dollar Banknote Denominations:

$1CurrentGeorge WashingtonGreat Seal of the United States
$2Current (but limited)Thomas JeffersonSigning of the Declaration of Independence
$5CurrentAbraham LincolnLincoln Memorial
$10CurrentAlexander HamiltonUS Treasury
$20CurrentAndrew JacksonWhite House
$50CurrentUlysses S. GrantUS Capitol
$100CurrentBenjamin FranklinIndependence Hall
$500Out of circulationJohn MarshallDesoto arriving at Mississippi
William McKinleyText stating denomination
$1000Out of circulationAlexander HamiltonEagle
Grover ClevelandText stating denomination
$5000Out of circulationJames MadisonGeorge Washington resigning his commission
$10,000Out of circulationSalmon P. ChaseEmbarkation of the pilgrims
Salmon P. ChaseText stating denomination
$100,000Out of circulationWoodrow WilsonText stating denomination

Banknotes are often redesigned and reissued, typically to introduce new security measures such as watermarks, UV-reactive security thread, or color-shifting ink. The current update schedule for US banknotes plans to release an updated $10 bill in 2026, followed by the $50 in 2028, the $20 in 2030, the $5 in 2032, and the $100 in 2034.

The US dollar is divided into 100 cents, represented by a one-cent coin named the penny. The dollar also includes two lesser-known decimal units: The mill, which was equivalent to one tenth of a penny (.001 dollars), and the eagle, which was equivalent to ten dollars.

The mill was not issued as an official US government coin (though several states or local municipalities issued mill coins) and is fairly unknown to the general public, but is often used to compute property taxes, the prices of gasoline or electricity, and stockbroker fees. The eagle was issued as a series of gold coins: the quarter eagle ($2.50), half eagle ($5), eagle ($10), and double eagle ($20), each minted in various years from 1795 to 1933. The US Mint has also released a several different limited-run gold eagle coins (with significantly higher values) at various times since 1984.

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$1 USD (24 Feb 2024) =
$1 USD (21 Nov 2022) =
United StatesUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
VenezuelaUnited States dollar1 USD
EcuadorUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
CambodiaUnited States dollar1 USD
ZimbabweUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
El SalvadorUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
PanamaUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
Puerto RicoUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
Timor LesteUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
GuamUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
MicronesiaUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
United States Virgin IslandsUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
Northern Mariana IslandsUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
Turks and Caicos IslandsUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
American SamoaUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
Marshall IslandsUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
British Virgin IslandsUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
PalauUnited States dollar1 USD1 USD
TuvaluTuvaluan dollar/Australian dollar1.52 TVD1.51 TVD/AUD
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and Tobago dollar6.79 TTD6.80 TTD
SurinameSurinamese dollar35.48 SRD30.97 SRD
Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands dollar8.22 SBD8.25 SBD
SingaporeSingapore dollar/ Brunei dollar1.34 SGD1.38 BND / SNG
New ZealandNew Zealand dollar1.61 NZD1.64 NZD
TaiwanNew Taiwan dollar31.61 TWD31.23 TWD
NamibiaNamibian dollar/South African rand19.29 NAD17.31 NAD/ZAR
LiberiaLiberian dollar190.64 LRD153.99 LRD
KiribatiKiribati dollar/Australian dollar1.52 AUD1.51 AUD
JamaicaJamaican dollar156.1 JMD154.5 JMD
Hong KongHong Kong dollar7.82 HKD7.81 HKD
GuyanaGuyanese dollar208.9 GYD209.2 GYD
FijiFijian dollar2.23 FJD2.24 FJD
Saint LuciaEastern Caribbean dollar2.7 XCD2.7 XCD
GrenadaEastern Caribbean dollar2.7 XCD2.7 XCD
Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesEastern Caribbean dollar2.7 XCD2.7 XCD
Antigua and BarbudaEastern Caribbean dollar2.7 XCD2.7 XCD
DominicaEastern Caribbean dollar2.7 XCD2.7 XCD
Saint Kitts and NevisEastern Caribbean dollar2.7 XCD2.7 XCD
AnguillaEastern Caribbean dollar2.7 XCD2.7 XCD
MontserratEastern Caribbean dollar2.7 XCD2.7 XCD
Cayman IslandsCayman Islands dollar0.81 KYD0.82 KYD
Saint Pierre and MiquelonCanadian dollar/Euro1.34 CAD1.34 CAD / 0.97 EUR
CanadaCanadian dollar1.34 CAD1.34 CAD
BruneiBrunei dollar1.34 BND1.38 BND / SNG
BermudaBermudian dollar1 BMD1 BMD
BelizeBelize dollar2.02 BZD2.02 BZD
BarbadosBarbadian dollar2 BBD2 BBD
BahamasBahamian dollar1 BSD1 BSD
AustraliaAustralian dollar1.52 AUD1.51 AUD
NauruAustralian dollar1.52 AUD1.51 AUD
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How many countries use the US Dollar?

18 countries and territories have adopted the US Dollar as their official currency.

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