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Which Currency is the Most Valuable in 2024?

The United States is the reserve currency of the world. Therefore, it is the currency to which all other currencies are prepared. This does not necessarily mean the dollar is the most powerful or expensive currency, as that title goes to the Dinar. This is the currency of Kuwait, and it is still the strongest currency in the world. It was introduced in 1960, and when it was first released, it was designed to be equivalent to one British pound. Still, if you take one US dollar and exchange it for a Dinar in Kuwait, you will only receive 0.30 Dinar. That makes the Dinar the most expensive currency in the world.

How Expensive is the British Pound?

Most people also know that the British pound is a very expensive currency. Even so, it is only the fifth most expensive currency in the world. In addition to the Dinar in Kuwait, there are several other currencies that are more expensive. These include the currencies of Bahrain, Oman, and Jordan. All of these countries have access to oil, which has contributed to a very strong economy. This is one of the biggest reasons why these currencies are so expensive. Still, if you take a dollar from the United States and exchange it for a pound in Great Britain, you will probably receive 0.75 pounds. Keep in mind that the value of currencies can fluctuate over time.

Is the Euro Worth More Than the Dollar?

Countries in Mainland Europe use the euro. The Euro and the dollar are often comparable. Even though the Euro has dropped in value recently, the euro is still worth slightly more than the dollar. In general, if you go to Europe and exchange a US dollar, you will usually receive 0.90 euros. There was one time when the Euro was worth almost as much as the British pound, but the economy and Mainland Europe has been struggling recently. Therefore, it is not nearly as valuable as it once was.

What Has Happened to the Russian Currency?

Keep in mind that these numbers can change quickly depending on how various global economies are doing. For example, many people are concerned that the Russian Ruble is dropping quickly. During the past few months, the Russian Ruble has plummeted in value due to a number of reasons, not the least of which is the war going on in Ukraine. When people suddenly take one currency and exchange it for another, this reduces the demand for that specific currency. As a result, it is not nearly as valuable, and it makes it more difficult for people holding that currency to exchange it for a different type of currency. In some cases, the country may try to prop up or devalue the currency, but this can have a negative impact on international relations because the country could be labeled a currency manipulator. This will make it even harder for them to engage in international trade.

  • Rates shown are the amount of each currency purchasable with one US dollar.
  • The most valuable currencies will have the lowest amounts, as one USD can purchase fewer/less of them.

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Rate for 1 Dollar
Currency Name
Iran42250Iranian Rial
Vietnam23690Vietnamese Dong
Laos19153.65Laotian Kip
Lebanon15110Lebanese Lira
Indonesia15102.5Indonesian Rupiah
Guinea8649.95Guinean Franc
Paraguay7255.95Paraguayan Guarani
Madagascar4490.6Malagasy Ariary
Cambodia4111.85Cambodian Riel
Colombia3940.56Colombian Peso
Uganda3600.75Ugandan Shilling
Burundi2820Burundian Franc
Tanzania2450.35Tanzanian Shilling
Myanmar2091.85Myanmar Kyat
South Korea1273.38South Korean Won
Rwanda1192.47Rwandan Franc
Malawi1049.97Malawian Kwacha
Chile827.27Chilean Peso
Nigeria775.78Nigerian Naira
Sudan601.5Sudanese pound
Cameroon595.43Central African CFA Franc
Somalia567.25Somali Shilling
Costa Rica538.13Costa Rican Colon
Comoros447.19Comorian Franc
Kazakhstan445.04Kazakhstani Tenge
Armenia394.89Armenian Dram
Hungary348.92Hungarian Forint
Sri Lanka329.59Sri Lankan Rupee
Pakistan285.31Pakistani Rupee
Argentina273.21Argentine Peso
Yemen250.32Yemeni Rial
Liberia186Liberian Dollar
Djibouti177.77Djiboutian Franc
Jamaica153.91Jamaican Dollar
Kenya141.65Kenyan Shilling
Japan141.19Japanese Yen
Haiti137.57Haitian Gourde
Algeria135.77Algerian Dinar
Iceland131.53Icelandic Króna
Nepal131.04Nepalese Rupee
Cape Verde99.91Cape Verdean Escudo
Albania95.86Albanian Lek
Russia92.06Russian Ruble
India82.27Indian Rupee
Gambia59.7Gambian Dalasi
Dominican Republic55.91Dominican Peso
Ethiopia55.87Ethiopian Birr
North Macedonia55.83Macedonian Denar
Philippines54.92Philippine Peso
Mauritius45.8Mauritian Rupee
Suriname38.43Suriname Dollar
Uruguay37.55Uruguayan Peso
Nicaragua37.11Nicaraguan Córdoba
Ukraine36.79Ukrainian Hryvnia
Thailand34.18Thai Baht
Taiwan31.33New Taiwan Dollar
Egypt30.85Egyptian Pound
Turkey26.93Turkish New Lira
Honduras24.96Honduran Lempira
Cuba23.91Cuban Peso
Czech Republic21.77Czech Koruna
Zambia18.5Zambian Kwacha
South Africa17.63South African Rand
Lesotho17.63Lesotho Loti
Namibia17.62Namibian Dollar
Mexico16.69Mexican Peso
Maldives15.34Maldivian Rufiyaa
Seychelles13.55Seychellois Rupee
Sweden10.55Swedish Krona
Norway10.2Norwegian Krone
Morocco9.7Moroccan Dirham
El Salvador8.72Salvadoran Colón
Solomon Islands8.36Solomon Islands Dollar
Guatemala7.82Guatemalan Quetzal
Hong Kong7.8Hong Kong Dollar
China7.16Chinese Yuan
Bolivia6.88Bolivian Boliviano
Trinidad and Tobago6.77Trinidad & Tobago Dollar
Denmark6.76Danish Krone
Libya4.84Libyan Dinar
Brazil4.72Brazilian Real
Malaysia4.55Malaysian Ringgit
Poland4.01Polish Zloty
Saudi Arabia3.75Saudi Riyal
Israel3.7Israeli New Shekel
United Arab Emirates3.67UAE Dirham
Qatar3.63Qatari Riyal
Peru3.59Peruvian Sol
Turkmenistan3.5Turkmenistani Manat
Tonga2.36Tongan Paʻanga
Belize2.01Belize Dollar
Bulgaria1.77Bulgarian Lev
New Zealand1.62New Zealand Dollar
Australia1.5Australian Dollar
Brunei1.33Brunei Dollar
Singapore1.33Singapore Dollar
Canada1.32Canadian Dollar
United States1US Dollar
Bermuda1Bermuda Dollar
Panama1Panamanian Balboa
Switzerland0.87Swiss Franc
Cayman Islands0.83Cayman Islands Dollar
United Kingdom0.78British Pound
Jordan0.71Jordanian Dinar
Oman0.39Omani Rial
Bahrain0.38Bahraini Dinar
Kuwait0.31Kuwaiti Dinar
showing: 131 rows

What are the top 5 strongest currencies?

The United States Dollar is considered a world reserve currency. The 5 strongest currencies worldwide are the Kuwait Dinar, Bahraini Dinar, Omani Rial, Jordanian Dinar, and the British Pound.

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