Largest Countries In Africa 2021

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What are the largest countries in Africa? Here is a list of the top ten largest countries in square miles:

  1. Algeria (919,352 square miles)
  2. Democratic Republic of Congo (905,115 square miles)
  3. Sudan (728,022 square miles)
  4. Libya (679,192 square miles)
  5. Chad (495,624 square miles)
  6. Niger (489,062 square miles)
  7. Angola (481,226 square miles)
  8. Mali (478,714 square miles)
  9. South Africa (47,320 square miles)
  10. Ethiopia (426, 260 square miles)

Africa’s total area is 30.3 million km² (11.7 million mi²), split across 54 countries.

The largest country in Africa is Algeria, which spans over 2,381,741 km² (919,352 mi²) and has over 43 million people. It is also the tenth-largest country in the world. Algeria is located in Northern Africa with a Mediterranean coastline and a Saharan desert interior. Algeria is also the third-most developed countries in Africa.

The smallest country in Africa is Mayotte, located in the Indian Ocean. Mayotte is 374 km² (144 mi²) and has a population of 267,104 people.

Largest Countries In Africa 2021

Rank Country Area Area (mi²) % of Earth's Area Region Subregion
1Algeria2,381,741 km²919,352 mi²1.60%AfricaNorthern Africa
2Dr Congo2,344,858 km²905,115 mi²1.58%AfricaMiddle Africa
3Sudan1,886,068 km²728,022 mi²1.27%AfricaNorthern Africa
4Libya1,759,540 km²679,182 mi²1.19%AfricaNorthern Africa
5Chad1,284,000 km²495,624 mi²0.86%AfricaMiddle Africa
6Niger1,267,000 km²489,062 mi²0.85%AfricaWestern Africa
7Angola1,246,700 km²481,226 mi²0.84%AfricaMiddle Africa
8Mali1,240,192 km²478,714 mi²0.84%AfricaWestern Africa
9South Africa1,221,037 km²471,320 mi²0.82%AfricaSouthern Africa
10Ethiopia1,104,300 km²426,260 mi²0.74%AfricaEastern Africa
11Mauritania1,030,700 km²397,850 mi²0.69%AfricaWestern Africa
12Egypt1,002,450 km²386,946 mi²0.68%AfricaNorthern Africa
13Tanzania945,087 km²364,804 mi²0.64%AfricaEastern Africa
14Nigeria923,768 km²356,574 mi²0.62%AfricaWestern Africa
15Namibia825,615 km²318,687 mi²0.56%AfricaSouthern Africa
16Mozambique801,590 km²309,414 mi²0.54%AfricaEastern Africa
17Zambia752,612 km²290,508 mi²0.51%AfricaEastern Africa
18Somalia637,657 km²246,136 mi²0.43%AfricaEastern Africa
19Central African Republic622,984 km²240,472 mi²0.42%AfricaMiddle Africa
20South Sudan619,745 km²239,222 mi²0.42%AfricaMiddle Africa
21Madagascar587,041 km²226,598 mi²0.40%AfricaEastern Africa
22Botswana582,000 km²224,652 mi²0.39%AfricaSouthern Africa
23Kenya580,367 km²224,022 mi²0.39%AfricaEastern Africa
24Cameroon475,442 km²183,521 mi²0.32%AfricaMiddle Africa
25Morocco446,550 km²172,368 mi²0.30%AfricaNorthern Africa
26Zimbabwe390,757 km²150,832 mi²0.26%AfricaEastern Africa
27Republic Of The Congo342,000 km²132,012 mi²0.23%AfricaMiddle Africa
28Ivory Coast322,463 km²124,471 mi²0.22%AfricaWestern Africa
29Burkina Faso272,967 km²105,365 mi²0.18%AfricaWestern Africa
30Gabon267,668 km²103,320 mi²0.18%AfricaMiddle Africa
31Western Sahara266,000 km²102,676 mi²0.18%AfricaNorthern Africa
32Guinea245,857 km²94,901 mi²0.17%AfricaWestern Africa
33Uganda241,550 km²93,238 mi²0.16%AfricaEastern Africa
34Ghana238,533 km²92,074 mi²0.16%AfricaWestern Africa
35Senegal196,722 km²75,935 mi²0.13%AfricaWestern Africa
36Tunisia163,610 km²63,153 mi²0.11%AfricaNorthern Africa
37Malawi118,484 km²45,735 mi²< 0.1%AfricaEastern Africa
38Eritrea117,600 km²45,394 mi²< 0.1%AfricaEastern Africa
39Benin112,622 km²43,472 mi²< 0.1%AfricaWestern Africa
40Liberia111,369 km²42,988 mi²< 0.1%AfricaWestern Africa
41Sierra Leone71,740 km²27,692 mi²< 0.1%AfricaWestern Africa
42Togo56,785 km²21,919 mi²< 0.1%AfricaWestern Africa
43Guinea Bissau36,125 km²13,944 mi²< 0.1%AfricaWestern Africa
44Lesotho30,355 km²11,717 mi²< 0.1%AfricaSouthern Africa
45Equatorial Guinea28,051 km²10,828 mi²< 0.1%AfricaMiddle Africa
46Burundi27,834 km²10,744 mi²< 0.1%AfricaEastern Africa
47Rwanda26,338 km²10,166 mi²< 0.1%AfricaEastern Africa
48Djibouti23,200 km²8,955 mi²< 0.1%AfricaEastern Africa
49Eswatini17,364 km²6,703 mi²< 0.1%AfricaSouthern Africa
50Gambia10,689 km²4,126 mi²< 0.1%AfricaWestern Africa
51Cape Verde4,033 km²1,557 mi²< 0.1%AfricaWestern Africa
52Reunion2,511 km²969 mi²< 0.1%AfricaEastern Africa
53Mauritius2,040 km²787 mi²< 0.1%AfricaEastern Africa
54Comoros1,862 km²719 mi²< 0.1%AfricaEastern Africa
55Sao Tome And Principe964 km²372 mi²< 0.1%AfricaMiddle Africa
56Seychelles452 km²174 mi²< 0.1%AfricaEastern Africa
57Mayotte374 km²144 mi²< 0.1%AfricaEastern Africa

Largest Countries In Africa 2021