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Lawyers per Capita by Country 2023

1. United States

When it comes to the number of lawyers per capita globally, the United States easily has the lead. There are more lawyers per capita in the United States than in any other country. In the United States, there are 1.26 million lawyers. Most lawyers are centered in New York, with California and Florida close behind. Statistics show one lawyer for every 248 residents in the United States.

2. Italy

There are 248,000 lawyers legally licensed and practicing in the country of Italy. This country has several prestigious law schools, so it makes sense that lawyers are densely populated. There is one lawyer for every 260 residents in Italy, ranking it second on our list.

3. Germany

Germany lands in the third position for countries with the most number of lawyers per capita. In Germany, there are a total of 158,000 lawyers. Broken down further to a per capita rate, there is one lawyer for every 516 people residing in Germany.

4. Romania

Twenty-four thousand registered lawyers are working in Romania, ranking it 4th on our list. In this country, there is a high rate of lawyers per capita. Examining the data, there is a single lawyer for every 885 Romanian citizens.

5. Ukraine

As one of the larger countries in Europe, it makes sense that Ukraine also has a high percentage of lawyers per capita. In this country, there are 50,000 lawyers who are licensed and practicing. Broken down to smaller, more digestible numbers, there is one lawyer for every 911 Ukrainian resident.

6. India

In India, there are a whopping 1.3 million lawyers. While this number is much higher than the other countries on our list, except for the United States, keep in mind that India is a highly populous country. Because our list is based on the number of lawyers per capita, India falls in the sixth position. In India, there is one lawyer for every 951 residents.

7. France

Landing in the 7th place on our list is France, with 54,000 practicing and licensed lawyers. Like India, this country has more lawyers than others on our list, but France is extremely populated, diluting the number of lawyers per capita. There is a single lawyer in France for every 1,221 people living in the country.

8. Latvia

In Latvia, there are 1,350 lawyers working in the country. This country is not very populous, so even though this total number appears low compared to other countries, there are more lawyers per capita for the general population. In Latvia, there is one lawyer for every 1,500 citizens.

Here are the top 10 countries with most lawyers per capita

  1. Israel: 694.44 🇮🇱
  2. Dominican Republic: 564.97 🇩🇴
  3. Brazil: 473.93 🇧🇷
  4. Italy: 403.22 🇮🇹
  5. Greece: 384.61 🇬🇷
  6. Portugal: 324.67 🇵🇹
  7. New Zealand: 266.67 🇳🇿
  8. Cyprus: 260.42 🇨🇾
  9. Canada: 254.45 🇨🇦
  10. United Kingdom: 225.73 🇬🇧

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Which country has the most lawyers per capita?

The United States has the most lawyers per person, one lawyer for every 248 citizens. A total of 1.26 million lawyers practice in this country.

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