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Lawyers per capita by Country 2024

  1. Israel (694 Lawyers per 100k) Israel has approximately 64,600 lawyers, indicating the highest density of lawyers per capita. This reflects the complex legal system, integrating civil, religious, and common law, and the significant role of the legal profession in Israeli society.

  2. Dominican Republic (565 Lawyers per 100k) With around 64,600 lawyers, the Dominican Republic demonstrates a high lawyer density. This high number is due to the strong legal education system and the cultural prestige of the legal profession, especially in the economic and tourism sectors.

  3. Brazil (474 Lawyers per 100k) Brazil has about 1,032,000 lawyers. The intricate legal system, federal structure, and array of regulations create a substantial need for legal professionals, complemented by the high regard for the legal profession in Brazil.

  4. Italy (403 Lawyers per 100k) Italy, with approximately 236,600 lawyers, has a deep-rooted legal tradition. The complexity of the Italian legal system and the cultural importance of legal expertise contribute to this substantial number of legal professionals.

  5. Greece (385 Lawyers per 100k) Greece has around 39,700 lawyers. As the origin of Western legal thought, its blend of civil and common law traditions necessitates a diverse legal workforce, with economic and property rights challenges further driving the demand for legal services.

  6. Portugal (325 Lawyers per 100k) Portugal, with about 33,200 lawyers, shows a significant number reflecting its complex legal framework. The focus on rights and justice, combined with the legal complexities of EU membership, drives the demand for legal professionals.

  7. New Zealand (267 Lawyers per 100k) New Zealand has approximately 14,100 lawyers. This number is indicative of the country's efficient and transparent legal system, its common law system, and a strong emphasis on justice and fair representation.

  8. Cyprus (260 Lawyers per 100k) Cyprus, with an estimated 3,300 lawyers, has a strategic location and mixed legal heritage that influence its lawyer density. The demand for legal services is heightened by its status as a business and financial hub, particularly in areas like corporate and maritime law.

  9. Canada (254 Lawyers per 100k) Canada has around 99,300 lawyers. The country’s diverse legal system, including the civil law system in Quebec, and focus on human rights, environmental law, and indigenous issues necessitate a wide range of legal expertise.

  10. United Kingdom (226 Lawyers per 100k) The United Kingdom, with about 153,600 lawyers, has the lowest ratio on this list. This may be due to its highly efficient legal processes, rigorous legal education, and a focus on mediation and arbitration, leading to a smaller, yet highly skilled legal workforce.

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Which country has the most lawyers per capita?

Israel has the most lawyers per person, with 694 lawyers per 100k population.

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