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Longest Country Name in Asia 2023

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka may have the longest country name in Asia if you go by its original name. The original name of Sri Lanka was Sri Lanka Prajatantrika Samajavadi Janarajaya, but it goes by Sri Lanka today.

Sri Lanka is an island land that is in the Indian Ocean and near the Palk Strait, with a population of over 20 million. It has a very close relationship with the neighboring country of India and also uses the Indian Ocean as a trade route that connects it with many other countries. Additionally, Sri Lanka is considered to be a significant Asian influence on many other cultures and civilizations.

It is a country with many names, including Taprobane, Ceylon, and Serendib. When it was referred to as Ceylon, it was considered to be a significant route for trade purposes, but officially was called Sri Lanka Parajatantrikia Samajavadi Janarajaya, or Sri Lanka, by 1972.


Turkmenistan has the second-longest country name in Asia, or the longest country name in Asia if you are only referring to Sri Lanka as just that. Turkmenistan is a country with 12 letters and is landlocked by Kazkhstan and Uzbekistan. It is also bordered by Afghanistan in the south, Iran in the southwest, and the Caspian Sea.

Turkmenistan is a country with approximately six million in its population, making it a sparsely populated country by many other Asian standards. Being bordered by some of the most known Asian countries, it is considered as having easy access to many other cultures and countries.

The country was originally taken by the Russian Empire in 1881 and became its own republic in 1925 and a part of the Soviet Union. It became its own country when the Soviet Union disbanded by 1991. It is a key country in the world today and is said to be home to the Earth’s fifth-largest natural gas reserve.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan tie for having the third-longest country name in Asia, with a name that is ten letters long. Both of these countries were also a part of the Soviet Union before the Soviet Union dissolved in 1991. The countries have a unique history, with a difficult relationship as a result of their connections with the Soviet Union. By 2006, a 45-kilometer-long wall had been built between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan by the leaders of Kazakhstan to prevent trade conflicts and drug smuggling.

- Most countries have both a common name and an official name, which tends to be longer and more formal. While official names are used less often than common names, they are arguably more accurate because they are chosen by the countries' own governments and established by each country's founding documents.

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Official Name # Letters
Official Name
# Letters
Sri Lanka42Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka9
North Korea37Democratic People's Republic of Korea11
Nepal36Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal5
Timor Leste34Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste11
Myanmar32Republic of the Union of Myanmar7
Laos32Lao People's Democratic Republic4
Bangladesh31People's Republic of Bangladesh10
Afghanistan30Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan11
Vietnam29Socialist Republic of Vietnam7
Pakistan28Islamic Republic of Pakistan8
Philippines27Republic of the Philippines11
Jordan27Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan6
China26People's Republic of China5
Iran24Islamic Republic of Iran4
Brunei24Negara Brunei Darussalam6
Saudi Arabia23Kingdom of Saudi Arabia12
Uzbekistan22Republic of Uzbekistan10
Kazakhstan22Republic of Kazakhstan10
Azerbaijan22Republic of Azerbaijan10
Tajikistan22Republic of Tajikistan10
Indonesia21Republic of Indonesia9
Singapore21Republic of Singapore9
Syria20Syrian Arab Republic5
United Arab Emirates20United Arab Emirates20
Maldives20Republic of Maldives8
Turkey19Republic of Türkiye6
Thailand19Kingdom of Thailand8
Cambodia19Kingdom of Cambodia8
Lebanon19Republic of Lebanon7
Armenia19Republic of Armenia7
Russia18Russian Federation6
Bahrain18Kingdom of Bahrain7
Cyprus18Republic of Cyprus6
India17Republic of India5
South Korea17Republic of Korea11
Yemen17Republic of Yemen5
Taiwan17Republic of China6
Palestine17West Bank & Gaza Strip (2 regions)9
Oman17Sultanate of Oman4
Bhutan17Kingdom of Bhutan6
Iraq16Republic of Iraq4
Israel15State of Israel6
Kyrgyzstan15Kyrgyz Republic10
Kuwait15State of Kuwait6
Qatar14State of Qatar5
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Which country in Asia has the longest name?

Sri Lanka is the country with the longest name in Asia.

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