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Most Dangerous Countries in South America 2024

Taken as a whole, South America is quite safe to visit. North America, Europe (home of many of the world's safest countries), Oceania, and Asia are statistically safer, but that does not make South America (or even Africa, which includes many war-torn and dangerous countries) inherently unsafe. However, as happens on every continent, a significant gap exists between South America's safest countries and its most dangerous. Even in less safe countries, tourist resorts often employ extra security, which helps deter criminals.

How Is South America’s Security Ranked?

One highly respected measure of the safety and security of countries worldwide is the Global Peace Index, usually shortened to the GPI. This is a scale that takes into account several factors, such as the relationship of the country with its neighbors, the levels of violent crime, political instability, and access to basic resources. Several countries in South America are incredibly unsafe.

Is Venezuela a Safe Place To Visit?

Venezuela is one of the most dangerous countries in the world. It has a high level of political instability, a high level of violent crime, and a high potential for kidnapping. In particular, Venezuela does not have good relationships with the United States or Canada. It has one of the top five murder rates in the world, and kidnapping has increased significantly during the past few years. It is also not unusual for someone to be kidnapped at an airport, a hotel, or right out of a taxi. Therefore, it is best to avoid Venezuela, particularly in Caracas. Caracas has a tremendous amount of crime, ranging from pickpockets to acts of violence.

Is Colombia a Dangerous Place To Go?

Colombia is another dangerous country. Even though it is known for its salsa dancing, beautiful mountains, picturesque beaches, and amazing food, it also has a very high crime rate. Before booking a hotel or a plane flight to this area, it is critical to ask about security arrangements. Hotel attacks have been rising in Colombia during the past few years, particularly in Bogota. Credit card theft, mugging, and violent assault is also common.

How Safe Is Brazil?

Brazil has improved its security levels during the past few years. It even recently hosted a World Cup; however, it still has a few dangerous areas. The best way to stay safe in Brazil has to maintain a low profile. A robber is likely to target anyone who looks like they have money. It is also critical to take any goods from shopping trips back to the hotel as quickly as possible, where they will remain safe. There is still a significant amount of crime in Salvador, South Paulo, and Rio. Crime tends to be more common during festivals and holidays.

  • The Global Peace Index is a multifaceted analysis that compiles 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators to determine the level of overall peace in each of 163 countries. Lower scores indicate greater levels of peace, and higher scores indicate increased danger.
  • In 2023, the GPI scores ranged from 1.124 in Iceland, the world's most-peaceful country, to 3.448 in Afghanistan, 2023's least peaceful country.

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GPI 2023

Which country in South America is the most dangerous?

Venezuela has a high domestic crime rate, poor relations with Canada and the United States, frequent murders, and regular kidnappings, making it the most dangerous in South America.

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