Safest Countries in South America 2021

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Traveling to another country can be exciting, fun … and dangerous? Unfortunately, not all countries are safe, especially when it comes to travelers. In fact, there are even some countries where visitors are advised not to travel.

In South America, you may have heard stories about dangerous countries. Unfortunately, there is some truth. There are some cities and even entire nations in South America that can pose dangers to travelers. However, not all nations in South America are unsafe. In fact, there are many that are not only safe but offer natural beauty including rainforests and beaches, incredible food, and a truly unique culture.

One of the best ways to determine the safety of a country is through the Global Peace Index. This index uses several factors such as ongoing domestic and international conflict, crime rates, and more to determine which countries are the safest.

Whether you’re thinking about traveling to South America or you’re even considering moving to a different country, check out these options, which are the safest nations based on the data from the 2018 Global Peace Index.

Chile is the most peaceful nation of all the South American nations. Chile has a high standard of living, friendly locals, and a low cost of living. Chile is also very geographically diverse and is the home to deserts, forests, lakes, and islands.

Another safe nation in South America is Uruguay. In addition to being safe, visitors and new residents can enjoy a mild climate, low-cost healthcare, and friendly locals. The natural hot springs and stunning beaches are just the icing on the cake.

Other nations that ranked highly on the Global Peace Index include:

  • Panama
  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica

Here are the 10 safest countries in South America:

  1. Colombia (2.75)
  2. Venezuela (2.441)
  3. Ecuador (2.309)
  4. Guyana (2.159)
  5. Bolivia (2.114)
  6. Brazil (2.104)
  7. Peru (2.098)
  8. Argentina (1.998)
  9. Paraguay (1.968)
  10. Chile (1.75)

Safest Countries in South America 2021


Safest Countries in South America 2021

Country Peace Index 2021 Population

Safest Countries in South America 2021