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Rainforest Countries 2023

Republic of Congo

The places, especially rainforests, have earned such recognition as the Republic of Congo. Like one name stars, Madonna or Bono, this rainforest country can simply be referred to as, The Congo.


More commonly known for a country with some potentially nefarious characters, and some unsavory regions, many might be unaware that Ecuador also qualifies as one of the rainforest countries, making it inherently beautiful too.


The country of Mexico is a definite hot spot for tourism, and it is also known as a border country to the US, with cities like Juarez and Tijuana being no strange names. What might not be so well known, however, is the fact that this country is also home to some amazing rainforest terrain, ci?


Not unlike many rainforest countries, Bolivia often get press for too many sad, and unfortunate reasons. The rainforests of Bolivia, however, are a natural wonderland and one of the most breathtaking places on earth.


A country that is known for many things, being one of the rainforest countries certainly isn't one of them. What people often don't realize, however, is just how big India truly is, and what lies in some parts of this beautiful country.

Papua New Guinea

There are few countries who market themselves with the flare and style that Papua New Guinea does, and it even boasts of being one of the most amazing rainforest countries on the planet. From the looks of it and its healthy tourism market, New Guinea isn't just blowing hot air!


While Malaysia arguably hasn't capitalized on being a rainforest country the way some have, it is no secret that the rainforests of Malaysia are some of the most amazing on the planet. As a country with a relatively strong economy, it is also one of the lesser-known rainforest countries, but Malaysia still uses more than a few rainforest products for export.


Few countries might have a name as synonymous with rainforests as Guyana. This is still one of the most uninhabited and natural rainforest reserves in the world, and part of the pride of Guyana.


A country known and made partly popular by its overwhelming rainforests that dominates so much of the country, Laos is one of the most unique countries in the world. Oh yes, and this is arguably the home of the papaya.


Amazing landscape? Check. Great tourism economy? Check. Awesome rainforests...? Awesome rainforests... - oh yes, that's right, Venezuela does have some incredible rainforests too! Check.

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Which countries have the most rainforests?

Some of the countries with the most rainforests include the Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Mexico, Bolivia, India, Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Guyana, Laos, and Venezuela. Brazil is home to the largest rainforest, however.

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