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Russian Gas Exports by Country 2024

Russian Gas Exports Value
United Kingdom1.2B

Russia is nothing if not a global superpower when it comes to natural energy sources, and gas is easily one of its most important products. In fact, much of the world has relied on Russian gas for years to fulfill substantial portions of its energy needs. Here’s an overview of which countries import the most natural gas from Russia, as well as some key factors that can influence these trade relationships.

Factors That Can Impact Russian Gas Exports by Country

Many different factors can influence the amount of natural resources a country imports from another country, such as Russia. The following are some key examples to keep in mind, especially in light of recent world events like the Russia-Ukraine conflict. The health of ongoing relationships between Russia and other countries worldwide can drastically affect potential gas export numbers. Tensions, disputes, and conflicts can and do affect import-export partnerships.

Many nations understandably don’t want to over-rely on important resources from just one country, especially in times of conflict or international unrest. For example, Europe has been making efforts for some time to diversify its natural resource suppliers and secure reliable alternatives to Russian gas.

Gas prices, supply contracts, and similar factors can have a significant impact on actual export numbers and their value. Ongoing negotiations can cause additional changes in supply, demand, and associated costs. As climate change continues to impact the world, many countries have a growing interest in clean energy and sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels like natural gas. The greater a country’s interest in adopting cleaner energy sources, the less Russian gas it’s likely to import moving forward. Extenuating factors like sanctions against Russia can further disrupt long-standing trade relationships and ongoing export-import connections from country to country.

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Which country buys the most Russian gas?

China buys the most gas and fossil fuels from Russia

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