Swine Flu Deaths by Country 2023

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When Did the Swine Flue Pandemic Take Place?

The swine flu pandemic emerged in the spring of 2009. The swine flu was a specific variant of H1N1 Flu A. The virus was first detected in the United States. Given the ubiquity of international travel in the current environment, the virus quickly spread across the world. The virus was deadly because it contained a number of influenza genes in the same package that had not been previously identified in other types of the flu. The virus would continue to mutate, eventually losing its tremendous lethality. As a result, the swine flu ended up becoming a strain that was similar to the other flu strains, but only after it had killed a large number of people all over the world.

How Many Cases and Deaths Did the Swine Flu Cause?

During the early stages of the pandemic between 2009 and 2010, more than 6.7 million cases of the swine flu were confirmed all over the world. Of these 6.7 million people, approximately 19,600 people were killed by the swine flu. It is difficult to estimate the total number of cases and deaths because there were probably a lot of people who contracted the virus but never tested positive. As a result, they might not be included in this number. There are also people who may have been presumed to die of another respiratory virus who, in actuality, died of the swine flu.

Which Country Had the Most Swine Flu Cases and Deaths?

The country with the most number of cases of the swine flu is the United States, which confirmed close to 114,000 swine flu cases between 2009 and 2010. Of these individuals, approximately 3,400 people of them passed away. This represents an overall mortality rate of the swine flu in the United States of approximately three percent. Again, these numbers might not be accurate because there might have been a lot of people who contracted the swine flu and never knew it. As a result, the actual mortality rate in the United States might be a bit lower.

What Other Countries Had High Rates of the Swine Flu?

During the pandemic, there were several other countries that reported a high number of swine flu cases as well. For example, Brazil reported approximately 58,000 cases of the swine flu, with approximately 2,100 of them dying.

In addition, India reported approximately 34,000 cases of the swine flu during the pandemic. Of these individuals, approximately 2,000 would go on to pass away.

The only other country to report greater than 1,000 swine flu deaths during the pandemic was Mexico. Mexico reported approximately 70,000 cases of the swine flu between 2009 and 2010. Of these individuals, approximately 1,300 would pass away.

Even though H1N1 flu continues to be common, the virus is not nearly as lethal as it was during the years of the swine flu pandemic. Labs also do not test for this specific flu as much as they used to.

Swine Flu Deaths by Country 2023

Swine Flu Deaths by Country 2023