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Trust in Government by Country 2023

Trust in Government Varies Greatly Throughout the World

It is ideal if citizens of a certain country have a high amount of trust in their government. However, this is often not the case. The nation that ranks highest in trust in government by country is Switzerland.

According to the most recent data available, which is from 2020, Swiss citizens have 84.6% trust in their government. It is worth noting that the nation of Switzerland is not #1 in trust in government by a large margin. The country with the second-highest amount of trust in the government is less than two percent behind Switzerland.

Norway is #2 in Trust in Government

The nation that ranks second on this list is the Scandinavian country of Norway. The most recent statistics indicate that 82.9% of Norwegian citizens trust their government. It is notable that the two top countries on this list are both Scandinavian countries.

You should also know that this poll was conducted between 2010 and 2018. This helps make the statistics more accurate. Trust in government in this poll means that respondents said that they have trust in their country's national government. You should keep in mind that these stats are simply estimates based on the respondents' answers to the survey question.

Finland Has The Third-Highest Amount of Trust in Government

The country of Finland ranks third on the list of trust in government by country. The poll estimates that 80.9% of Finnish citizens trust their national government. These high numbers for Scandinavian countries are understandable, given that Scandinavian countries typically rank very highly in terms of overall quality of life. Countries with a higher quality of life naturally tend to have greater trust in their national government. The Netherlands is just below Finland in trust in government, with an estimate of 78.1% trust in government.

Where Does the United States Rank in Trust in Government?

The United States is well-known for many of its citizens being distrustful of the national government. The estimates largely reflect this fact. The United States has 46.5% trust in the government, according to the latest data.

It is possible that the amount of trust in the government could vary significantly among people with different political beliefs. However, the survey did not ask any questions about people's political beliefs, so it is impossible to figure out for sure. In terms of trust in the national government, the United States ranks below countries such as Lithuania, Russia, and Turkey.

Here are the top 10 countries with highest government trust

  1. Switzerland: 83.78% 🇨🇭
  2. Luxembourg: 78.02% 🇱🇺
  3. Finland: 77.54% 🇫🇮
  4. Sweden: 68.79% 🇸🇪
  5. Norway: 63.61% 🇳🇴
  6. Denmark: 63.54% 🇩🇰
  7. Ireland: 62.34% 🇮🇪
  8. Austria: 61.05% 🇦🇹
  9. Germany: 60.76% 🇩🇪
  10. Costa Rica: 60.01% 🇨🇷

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Trust in Government by Country 2023

Which countries have the highest trust in government?

People in Switzerland, 84.6%, report trusting the government. This makes the country the most trusting of its home government in the world.

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