Abandoned Property Laws by State 2023

There are a lot of important issues that landlords and renters need to know, and one of the biggest relates to abandoned property. There are some situations where renters might forget certain items when they move it. Then, there are other situations where the renter might have intentionally left something behind. Landlords need to know what to do in this situation. They cannot always simply throw it out, claim it for themselves, or sell it. Furthermore, the landlord needs to know what to do if the renter does not respond. The state laws related to abandoned property can vary significantly from state to state, so it is critical for landlords to stay up to date on all relevant guidelines.

What Do Typical Guidelines Look Like?

Typically, if the renter leaves certain items behind, the landlord is required to reach out to the renter to make contact and let the renter know that the property has been left behind. Not all states have regulations related to how the landlord must reach out to the renter, but a good-faith attempt has to be made. Then, after the notice has been issued, the clock starts to tick. There are some situations where the landlord is required to keep the property for up to 30 days. This might mean leaving it in the rented premises, as long as the properly has not been rented out to someone else. But, the property might not be considered abandoned until long after the 30 days has passed. The landlord simply has to keep up with the property for that long, at a minimum.

What Happens With Abandoned Securities?

On the other hand, abandoned securities are very different. This is a category of abandoned property laws that relates to unclaimed funds. Sometimes, there is a broker who is responsible for managing securities on behalf of someone else. Then, when it is time for the securities to be transferred, the owner of the account might be hard to reach. Sometimes, they have even passed away. In this case, the securities might not be considered abandoned until several years have passed. Then, possession of those securities might pass to a government entity instead.

Can an Abandoned House Go Up for Sale?

If a house has been abandoned, it can still be put up for sale; however, the process of buying an abandoned house might be a bit different. It might be put up for sale by the government, which could have a few options for selling the property. On the other hand, potential buyers need to keep in mind that it might not be in good condition. This might mean that the house will not sell for a lot of money, but it also means that a significant amount of work might have to be put into the house to get it back to a livable state. It is always best to work with a professional in this situation.

Abandoned Property Laws by State 2023