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All Four Seasons States 2024

All Four Seasons States 2024

A little less than half of the states in the U.S. experience all four seasons, This means that they have leaves change color in the fall, get snow in the winter, have mild springs, and have warm summers. It is not surprising that these states are located in the northern half of the country. It is almost unheard of to see leaves changing colors in the fall in states like Arizona and almost no one would be shoveling multiple inches of snow from their driveway in Florida in January.

There are some states that are particularly good choices for those who wish to live in a state that experiences all four seasons.


The United States is a vast landmass that covers many different time zones, regions, and climates. Because each state is the size of a country, it is difficult to know exactly where each distinct season starts and stops. The best way to experience a milder and more appropriate version for these seasons is to look towards the dead center of the country, in such states as Illinois. Due to the latitude and longitude, and the distance from large bodies of water and mountains, the state of Illinois usually follows the pattern of quarter years for their seasons, including similar temperatures in the spring and fall, and summers and winters are hot and cold, but nothing remarkable.

Generally, any state north of Illinois would have much more frigid temperatures throughout the year, with extremely hot summers for those states that are located inland. This is common for central regions, as large bodies of water are effective for producing much more temperate summers and winters.


Indiana, due to its proximity to Illinois, has four distinct seasons. Much like Illinois, it has a lack of elevation or proximity to large bodies of water. States that have wide open and flat plains can usually depend on the weather not being noticeably different from the norm. For example, Texas and other southern states do not experience cold temperatures very often.

Florida, for example, has a near-tropical climate that replaces certain seasons, such as autumn, with periods of heavy rainfall. Texas, on the other hand, mimics certain places in Mexico which have a dry and sweltering heat. For nearly two months of the year, southern parts of Texas experience heavy rainfall during the start of the autumn season, which helps to keep the drought at bay.

Indiana is a great choice for those who wish to experience every outdoor activity that comes with each season. Indiana has a nice mix of rural, suburban, and urban centers, which helps to balance it out from the rest of the country. Furthermore, it is very predictable, as homeowners know to prepare for each season specifically. This is opposed to other states, which need to have their heating, cooling, or anti-flood measures active at most periods throughout the year. Many travelers frequently visit Indiana in their peak seasons to experience the splendor of the many activities it has to offer year-round.


Although the weather may not be as "normal" as the other two states, Michigan is a great contender to view all seasons. It has some of the greatest concentrations of lakes in the country while being considered extremely inland when compared to many of the western and eastern states. The availability of the great lakes makes the winter warmer and the summer cooler, which helps to regulate the four seasons. If Michigan did not have access to such large bodies of water, it would have a much colder climate than is to be expected of a northern state.

All Four Seasons States 2024

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How many states have all four seasons?

There are 28 states that are considered to have all four seasons.

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