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Asian American Population by State 2023

The Asian American population in the United States is estimated to be approximately 20 million, 5.6% of the total population. The U.S. Asian population grew by 72% between 2000 and 2015, growing from 11.9 million to over 20 million. Their fast population growth in the United States shows that they will eventually be the largest immigrant group. About 5.7% of the U.S. population is Asian (alone).

The largest Asian groups in the U.S. are of Chinese, Indian, and Filipino origin. There are over 5.0 million Chinese Americans, over 4.4 million Indian Americans, and over 4.0 million Filipino Americans.

Most Asian Americans started arriving after 1965 and make up a total of one-quarter of all immigrants that arrived in the U.S. since 1965. The Asian American population is highly urbanized, and the majority reside in western states such as California. Asian Americans are highly urbanized, with about three-quarters living in metropolitan areas of over 2.5 million people.

Asian Population by State

Numbers in this article are from the 2019 American Community Survey (ACS) and includes the population of Asian alone individuals.

California has the highest Asian American population, with a total of over 5,866,435 Asian Americans. This is about 14.8%% of California’s total population. A large part of this population resides in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, and San Diego. California is followed by New York with 1,680,219 million Asian Americans and Texas with 1,446,073.

Hawaii has the highest relative population of Asian Americans, with a total of 547,843 Asian Americans, counting for 38.95% of the total population. Honolulu County has the highest percentage of Asian Americans of any county in the U.S. at 62%. There has been a recent increase in the immigration of more ethnic Asian groups such as the Thai, Indonesian and Vietnamese people.

Wyoming has 4,633 Asian Americans, making it the state with the smallest population of the demographic. West Virginia has the smallest relative population of Asian Americans, with a total of 14,311 making up only 0.81% of the state’s total population.

Here are the 10 states with the largest Asian population:

  1. California - 6,764,118
  2. New York - 1,884,346
  3. Texas - 1,656,166
  4. New Jersey - 948,998
  5. Washington - 854,617
  6. Illinois - 828,847
  7. Hawaii - 803,266
  8. Florida - 763,613
  9. Virginia - 691,449
  10. Massachusetts - 538,409

Asian American Population by State 2023

Asian American Population by State 2023

* Asian Alone or in combination with one or more other races

Asian American Population by State 2023