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Asian Poverty Rate by State 2022

1. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the poorest nation in Asia. Its economy is worth $508 million. Poverty in the mountainous country is attributed to constant armed conflict, corruption by government officials, unemployment, and income inequality. Although the country strived to increase economic growth when the U.S. and UN troops governed the area, its recent takeover by the Taliban means that there won't be any economic development in the near future.

2. North Korea

North Korea is second on the list of Asian poverty rate by state 2022. Nevertheless, the nation's secretive nature and authoritarian regime make it difficult to know North Korea's economic worth. However, scholars estimate that the nation has an economy of about $640 million. More than 60% of its population lives in poverty. Economic sanctions and lack of free trade are the leading causes of poverty in the country. Illiteracy and lack of digital advancement also contribute to poverty.

3. Yemen

With an economy worth around $820 million, Yemen is considered an impoverished country in Asia. It is one of the least-developed countries globally. Poverty in Yemen is due to its constant civil war and corruption by government officials. These two factors are sinking more Yemenis below the poverty line, with more than 70% of the population already living in poverty. Lack of industrialization and unemployment are also major culprits of poverty in the Asian nation.

4. Nepal

Nepal is also poor. Its constant political instability, lack of industrialization, reliance on agriculture, and rampant corruption by government officials are the leading causes of poverty. Nevertheless, Nepal has abundant resources, but it's not using them. Instead, it exports most of them to other countries in exchange for revenue and other aid.

5. Tajikistan

Tajikistan has a poor economy. The nation's civil war in the 1990s adversely affected its economy and has prevented it from reviving ever since. It has a GDP of $1,060 million, and over 25% of its population lives in poverty. Tajikistan is not industrialized, depends on small-scale agricultural practices, and has poor infrastructure, preventing it from gaining economic growth.

6. Pakistan

More than 20% of Pakistanis live in poverty. The country is poor because of its dependence on agriculture and poor infrastructure. Unemployment and underemployment rates are also very high, forcing many people to live in poverty. Lack of human rights, especially for women and children, make many Pakistanis beg in the streets instead of working and living a decent life.

Here are the 10 states with the highest asian poverty rates:

  1. North Dakota - 19.24%
  2. South Dakota - 16.75%
  3. Indiana - 16.35%
  4. Idaho - 15.37%
  5. Wisconsin - 15.05%
  6. Wyoming - 15.01%
  7. Kansas - 14.70%
  8. West Virginia - 14.64%
  9. Kentucky - 14.63%
  10. Oklahoma - 14.52%

Asian Poverty Rate by State 2022


Asian Poverty Rate by State 2022

Asian Poverty Rate by State 2022