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Average Family Income by State 2023

Average Family Income by State 2023

The average family income for America can be difficult to calculate, as it is frequently calculated on different variables. Gender, location, and industry, all play roles in determining the average family income. Also coming into play to calculate this amount of the average family income are single and dual-income families or households.

The average personal income in the United States is $63,214, with the median income across the country being $44,225. Real wages averaged $67,521 in 2022, and average household incomes averaged to $87,864.

Variables That Impact Average Family Income

This complicates other variables. Single-parent households where the sole provider is female will have a notably higher chance of income disparity than families with dual incomes. It does not mean the individual earns less, just that, there are fewer incomes in the home to distribute.

These variables are also influenced by tax brackets as well. A single-parent household that is taxed will have even less money for the cost of living than a dual-income family that is also taxed. That brings additional disadvantages to single-parent families. While single parents and married parents do not have different tax rates, married workers do have more tax benefits than single. Tax rates will not impact average incomes but will impact the quality of living.

The Middle-Class Defined

Defining the middle class is easier than it sounds, although there are complexities here as well. It is the middle class that defined the average family income in and will every year. The middle, is the average.

In every country, there are levels of the middle class, with low middle-class earners and high middle-class earners. In America, the states all have their own middle-class medians as well. For example, in Alabama, low-middle-class families start at $38,582 while higher middle-class ranges can end at $161,524.

Overall, middle-class incomes are defined as an income that starts at two-thirds of the median household income and has an upper range that is twice the income of the United States median household income. The middle class is always a range, and always a median at the same time, and is where you will find the average income of families in every country.

  1. District of Columbia - $173,874 per family
  2. Connecticut - $139,506 per family
  3. Massachusetts - $139,154 per family
  4. New Jersey - $138,130 per family
  5. Maryland - $133,817 per family
  6. California - $124,332 per family
  7. Virginia - $123,883 per family
  8. New York - $123,221 per family
  9. Hawaii - $120,352 per family
  10. New Hampshire - $120,331 per family

Average Family Income by State 2023

Average Family Income by State 2023

Average Family Income by State 2023