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Axolotl Legal States 2022

Which States Is It Legal To Own An Axolotl?

Here are the rules of each state in regards to Axolotol ownership:

Axolotl As Pets

An Axolotl is considered a salamander and is illegal to own in four different states: California, Maine, New Jersey, and Virginia. Some states also require a permit. It is always advisable to check with county and city laws in order to see if there are any additional things that need to be done before purchasing or caring for an Axolotl. They make interesting pets, as they are salamanders that spend most of their time in the water, and are rare pets (considered exotic in some states). Make sure to conduct your research and perform due diligence prior to purchase, as things such as water temperature and diet need to be ascertained and planned on beforehand.

Remember to properly maintain the pH level of your tank, and add non-iodized salts and Epsom salts.

Breeding Axolotls

When looking to breed Axolotols, it is paramount to know the laws surrounding your breeding and selling business. For example, in most states, it can easily be considered a "hobby" rather than a business if it is done locally and sales are extremely uncommon. However, if you are looking at turning a profit and using the money as one of the sources for your livelihood or investment, income must be reported to the IRS. A proper business needs to be federally registered to be regulated and avoid fines and charges of tax evasion or illegal trading. A word of caution prior to setting up this business:

-Certain states, such as PA, require more than just a registered business to buy and sell animals. In addition to your tax number, you will need a breeder permit and a sales permit.

-Federal income tax will need to be collected, so you will need a sales tax number. Prior to doing this, please research the rules and regulations of your state and county.

-The specific business you will be setting up is an "amphibian selling business". Make sure you are looking up the proper regulations in regards to this keyword as it will make a difference in case of an audit or granting of a permit.

Axolotl Legal States 2022

Axolotl Legal States 2022