Butterfly Knife Legal States 2022

States That Allow Butterfly Knives

The vast majority of states in America do allow butterfly knives. In fact, there are 42 butterfly knife legal states. Some of the other eight states do allow people to own butterfly knives, but place severe restrictions on the usage of these knives.

States That Ban Butterfly Knives

The states that ban butterfly knives include Texas, Kansas, and Hawaii. Butterfly knives are not allowed to be owned or used at all in these three states. Carrying or even owning a butterfly knife in these states could lead to severe legal penalties.

Restrictions on Butterfly Knives

There are five states that allow butterfly knife ownership, but greatly restrict how these knives can be used. These states are Wisconsin, Utah, Oregon, New York, and California. These restrictions include:

  • Wisconsin: Butterfly knives are only allowed on your own property.

-Utah: Butterfly knives cannot be carried in a state of concealment. You must open-carry a butterfly knife.

-Oregon: Butterfly knives cannot be concealed. Open carry of butterfly knives is allowed.

-New York: Only residents are allowed to have butterfly knives. Visitors are not allowed to carry them.

-California: Butterfly knives must have a blade that is two inches long or shorter. Very few butterfly knives have blades this small, making this a soft ban.

Why Butterfly Knives are Illegal In Some States

Butterfly knives are illegal in some states for several reasons. First, they are often associated with criminals. This is because many movies depict criminals using butterfly knives. Many knife enthusiasts feel that this is not a legitimate reason to ban these knives, as there is no data that shows criminals are actually more likely to use butterfly knives than other knives.

The other reason that butterfly knives are banned is the speed with which they can be deployed. Deploying a butterfly knife quickly requires a great deal of practice, but it can be done much faster than opening a standard folding knife. This has lead some jurisdictions, such as Texas, to group butterfly knives with switchblades. Other jurisdictions ban butterfly knives together with other knives in the category of "gravity knives." There is some controversy about whether the speed with which butterfly knives can be deployed actually makes them a more effective weapon for the average criminal. Most fatal knife attacks have involved hunting knives or combat knives, not butterfly knives.

Butterfly Knife Legal States 2022