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Castles by State 2023


Contrary to popular belief, there are castles all over the United States, with some of them being modern pieces of architecture for wealthy individuals. In Connecticut, the Chrismark Castle is a well-known landmark that was built in 2003 for Christopher Mark, who was the great-grandson of the famous industrialist Clarton Mark Sr. The castle was recently valued at 4.1 million dollars and has many of the attributes that are associated with castles, including a moat, a bridge, and various turrets. Christopher Mark had tried to monetize the large area by building various businesses in and around the property. A private zoo, a modeling business, and a bed-and-breakfast were among the ideas that Mark had.

In 2010, Chrismark Castle made negative news headlines due to the death of a camel at the private zoo. Since then, the estate is only available to be used as a venue for events, shoots, and videography.


Built in 1859 to house prisoners during the Civil War, Fort Delaware is one of the most well-known castles in the country. The fort has been operational for a long time and was a key structure that protected the ports of Philadelphia and Wilmington. Once the military value of the structure had not proved useful anymore due to extremely low chances of invasion, Delaware Fort was turned into a national Icon. Today, it is used as a state park that attracts many visitors per year. Museum staff and guides offer their services to inquisitive guests who want to learn more about Delaware, the civil war, and the landmark itself.


You may be surprised to know that sunny and tropical Florida has a very large castle in Ona. Howard Solomon built the Soloman Castle as a result of the wet and marshy conditions that are native to the area. The castle was built from the ground up to be a tall standing structure, as there was not enough stable ground to expand horizontally. Solomon's Castle is one of the most peculiar and impressive landmarks in the country as it is extremely difficult to photograph, with many electing to draw it instead. The exterior is coated with aluminum printing plates, which reflect and refract light very efficiently. The interior of the castle is well-photographed, in contrast, as many unsold pieces of art by Howard Soloman are still found within.

Soloman's castle contains a replica of the replica 16th-century cargo ship that it was built after.


Georgia's Bonnie Castle was built in 1896. Also commonly known as the Colley House, the castle is a famous bed and breakfast that hosted many notable figures, including Roosevelt and Jimmy Carter. Bonnie Castle is a famous sight for tourists, due to a famous legend surrounding the house about a possible haunting of a spectral cast and an electrophobic ghost. The castle is not available for tours as it is part of the downtown historic district, and any interference with the house could disturb its identity.

Castles by State 2023

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Castles by State 2023