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Chiggers by State 2024

Chiggers by State 2024

What Are Chiggers?

Chiggers are a colloquial term used to describe tiny mites that tend to live outdoors or in grassy areas. They tend to thrive in warm temperatures, and they are more active during the spring and summer. In addition, they have the ability to attach to your clothes, and they could chew right through your clothes, biting your skin. If you are bitten by one of these animals, you could experience some edging at the site of the bite. In addition, if you wear clothing that is tight fitting, the clothing may start to irritate you. Therefore, it is important to understand what these insects look like and why they might fight you.

What Happens When You Get a Chigger Bite?

First, it is important to understand where you might acquire a chigger bite. These tiny mites tend to live in forests, fields with lots of tall grass, and gardens. In addition, they tend to enjoy moist soil that is relatively close to water, and they thrive in areas that have relatively high levels of humidity. Then, if they attach to your clothes, they could end up biting you. You might notice that you have a line of red spots on your skin, or you might notice that you have bites where your clothing comes in contact with your skin. In addition, these bites can lead to severe itching, so you might find yourself scratching a lot more often.

What States Have Chiggers?

Even though they are present in every state throughout the United States, chiggers are more common in some locations than others. These insects tend to live in areas that are relatively warm and humid. That means that the highest concentrations of the mites are in the southeastern and midwestern U.S. Some of the locations that are known for having a lot of chiggers include Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Iowa. If you know that you are going into a field with tall grass, you need to keep your eyes open.

How Do You Treat a Chigger Bite?

If you believe you have been bitten by a chigger, there are a few steps you should take. First, understand that they do not burrow into your skin, so you don't have to worry about them crawling underneath the surface. Typically, the rash starts after the insect has already detached from your skin, then you will treat the bite symptomatically. In general, the treatment is going to focus on alleviating pain and discomfort. Therefore, you might benefit by using a topical cream or lotion, or you might want to take some Benadryl. Keep in mind that Benadryl can make you tired, so you might not want to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. You may also want to take an anti-parasite medication before applying a cold compress to the site of the bite. In general, these are bites that will go away after a day or two, so you should not have to worry about dealing with constant discomfort.

Chiggers by State 2024

Chiggers are present in all 50 states, but are much more common in some states and environments than in others.
Chiggers may also go by a different common name in some states. For instance, they are often called mites in California.

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Chiggers by State 2024