Clinical Psychologist Salary by State 2023

What Type of Training Is Required To Be a Clinical Psychologist?

The training to become a clinical psychologist is rigorous. In general, the vast majority of clinical psychologists obtain an undergraduate degree before they go to graduate school. Even though many clinical psychologists will major in Psychology in college, this is not necessarily required. For example, there are some clinical psychologists who may major in a hard science, such as biology or chemistry, before becoming a clinical psychologist. Then, a clinical psychologist has to obtain a graduate degree, usually a doctorate, before undergoing additional training. This is where clinical psychologists learn how to talk to patients, diagnose potential problems, and develop treatment plans.

How Much Money Does a Clinical Psychologist Make?

The exact amount of money a clinical psychologist will make depends on a number of factors. Generally, a clinical psychologist usually makes between $70,000 and $150,000 per year. One of the biggest factors that will influence how much money a clinical psychologist makes is where they live. If the cost of living is higher in a certain area, then a clinical psychologist should expect to make more money. For example, Hawaii has the highest average pay for a clinical psychologist. A clinical psychologist in Hawaii typically makes approximately $128,000 per year. There are a few other states where a clinical psychologist will average more than $120,000 per year. They include Massachusetts, Nevada, Rhode Island, Oregon, Alaska, and North Dakota. Then, there are a few states that have particularly low salaries for clinical psychologists. They include Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, and Mississippi. In these states, a clinical psychologist makes less than $90,000 per year.

What Factors Influence the Pay of a Clinical Psychologist?

Several factors will play a role in the salary of a clinical psychologist. First, the experience will play a role. The more experience someone has in the field, the more money they should expect to make. Second, some specialty training can also significantly influence how much money a clinical psychologist makes. Some clinical psychologists are interested in working with children, while other clinical psychologists are willing to venture into inpatient hospitals to help out. The subspecialty training a clinical psychologist receives can play a role in the amount of money they make.

How Can Clinical Psychologists Make More Money?

There are several ways a clinical psychologist can make more money. If a clinical psychologist is willing to undergo additional training, earn certifications, or expand the scope of practice, they might be able to treat more patients. They could also compete for higher-paying jobs, allowing them to draw a higher salary. A clinical psychologist could also try opening up his or her own practice. That way, they can charge as much money as they want. It creates some additional risk in opening up a small business, but this is a way for a clinical psychologist to control his or her hourly rate. Finding a private practice where partnership opportunities are available might be beneficial.

Clinical Psychologist Salary by State 2023