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Cost of Illegal Immigration by State 2022

Cost of illegal immigration 2022 updates reveal that a 1.13-million spike in unauthorized U.S. entries occurred between 2020-2022. Some months during this period may have seen a decline, but the highest so far since 2019 may be in January and February 2022.

The Southwestern States Affected

The cost of illegal immigration in California totals $21.76 billion. This adds up to approximately 8% of the estimated $250 billion United States illegal immigrant cost reported circa 2018.

Texas, California and Arizona, all share a border with Mexico and have the top 10 immigration costs. New Mexico also borders Mexico but ranks 23 of all states for the highest immigration costs.

Other Affected States

Other states that made the top-10 list of the highest illegal immigration costs include New York and Florida, which may make sense. New York, with “The City’s” Statue of Liberty, has become a historical landmark for people coming to the U.S. to seek new opportunities. New Jersey, with its proximity to New York City, also may see an influx of people who want to enter the country.

Florida also has high immigration costs because of its position on the coast, and Georgia also has a few marina areas. On the other hand, cruises in Georgia don’t usually come from major cruise lines to and from exotic locations – just mostly local water routes.

Still, traveling by boat in addition to by plane gives potential immigrants one more way to travel to the U.S. North Carolina also may receive people on the coast from the east.

Immigrants, not just illegal ones, perhaps also find cruise ship jobs in their home countries and may travel to the U.S. that way. Otherwise, they maybe have family in the U.S. who may or may not also have legal immigration status.

What may seem puzzling is why Illinois has a growing immigrant population and the fifth-highest immigration cost in the nation. However, it doesn’t mean all of these people are unauthorized to live in the U.S.

Top 10 Immigration Originals (Legal and Illegal)

Not everyone who comes to the U.S. tries to “sneak” in without permission. These countries send most of the people to the nation. However, 100s of thousands of people from most continents, including South Africa, Pacific Island countries, The Middle East and tropical island regions, such as the Caribbean.

Cost of Illegal Immigration by State 2022


Cost of Illegal Immigration by State 2022

Cost of Illegal Immigration by State 2022