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Diesel Fuel Prices by State 2022

Diesel fuel is used in many modes of transportation. For personal transportation and transportation of goods, diesel fuel is sold at the same fuel pumps as the more widely-used gasoline that most passenger vehicles require. Similar to gasoline prices, diesel prices also fluctuate with the price of crude oil.

Because most trucks and airplanes use diesel fuel to power these types of transportation, diesel prices affect the prices of many other products. Most products are transported to stores and warehouses in diesel-powered vehicles. When the price of diesel increases, prices of goods like groceries, household needs, and clothing will most likely increase as well.

States With the Highest Diesel Fuel Prices

[The American Automobile Association (AAA)] ( tracks the average gas prices by state. As of November 2022, the states with the highest average diesel fuel prices are California ($6.28), Pennsylvania ($6.16), Vermont ($6.16), Connecticut ($6.12), Hawaii ($6.07), Rhode Island ($6.03), Maine ($6.00), New York ($5.98), New Jersey ($5.97), and Delaware ($5.95).

In October 2022, only California, Hawaii, and Pennsylvania were in the top ten states with the highest diesel fuel prices. This shows how quickly prices can change and states can become more or less expensive to purchase diesel fuel in.

States With the Lowest Diesel Fuel Prices

The states that have the lowest diesel fuel prices are Texas ($4.69), Louisiana ($4.84), Oklahoma ($4.85), Mississippi ($4.86), Arkansas ($4.90), Kansas ($4.94), New Mexico ($4.95), Georgia ($4.97), Missouri ($4.99), and Alabama ($5.00). These states also have some of the lowest average prices for gasoline as well.

Unlike the states with the highest prices, there are only two states that were not in the top ten lowest fuel prices in October 2022 that were not still in the top ten lowest prices in November 2022.

Here are the 10 states with the highest diesel prices per gallon:

  1. California - $6.28 per gallon
  2. Pennsylvania - $6.16 per gallon
  3. Vermont - $6.16 per gallon
  4. Connecticut - $6.12 per gallon
  5. Hawaii - $6.07 per gallon
  6. Rhode Island - $6.03 per gallon
  7. Maine - $6.00 per gallon
  8. New York - $5.98 per gallon
  9. New Jersey - $5.97 per gallon
  10. Delaware - $5.95 per gallon

Diesel Fuel Prices by State 2022


Diesel Fuel Prices by State 2022

Diesel Fuel Prices by State 2022