Diesel Fuel Prices by State 2022

1. California

California has one of the highest fuel and diesel fuel prices by state 2022 in the United States. Regular gas sells at $5.896, mid-range fuel goes for $6,105, premium gas costs $6.236, and diesel is $6.424. The higher fuel prices in the Golden State are attributed to high gas taxes, greenhouse gas emission regulations, and inadequate crude oil reserves.

2. Nevada

Diesel prices in Nevada are always skyrocketing. Diesel retails at $5.343. Its counterparts, like regular fuel, is $5.235, while mid-grade fuel is $5.481. Premium fuel sells at $5.671. In Nevada, limited refining capacity is the leading cost of high fuel costs as the state depends on fuel imports to cater to its ever-increasing demand. Special requirements for gasoline also result in higher fuel prices. High taxes and increased real estate prices also make the cost of fuel in Nevada to increase.

3. Hawaii

Hawaii gas prices are also high. Diesel is the most expensive at $5.635, followed by premium fuel at $5.619, mid-grade fuel at 5.387, and regular fuel at $5.197. The main contributor to the high prices is the high shipping cost of fuel from the main island to other small islands. Higher estate taxes in the Aloha state also contribute to its hefty gas prices.

4. Alaska

In Alaska, the cost of regular gas is $4.738, mid-range is $4.918, premium is $5.103, and diesel is $5.210. Despite producing a huge volume of crude oil, Alaska doesn't have enough refineries to refine and produce fuel. As a result, they ship fuel from other parts of the nation, forcing the prices to be higher.

5. Washington

Diesel in Washington retails at $5.580, while premium fuel is $5.138. Regular fuel is $4.725, and mid-range fuel is $4.961. Prices are higher in Washington State because the west coast region is a lucrative market for fuel products in the United States. Its high gas taxes of 49.4 cents per gallon also increase fuel prices.

6. Alabama

Alabama's fuel prices are also among the highest in the United States. In local stations, diesel goes for $4.996, premium fuel $4.692, mid-range fuel $4.356, and regular fuel $3.986. Environmental laws and taxes on fuel increase Alabama's gas prices. High crude oil prices in Alabama also account for the increased costs.

7. Arizona

Arizona's gas prices are as follows: diesel is $5.092, premium fuel is $5.218, mid-range gas is $4.961, and regular fuel is $4.678. The leading cause of higher prices in the Grand Canyon State is refining and distribution differences that result in an unequal fuel supply in different parts of the state.

Diesel Fuel Prices by State 2022