Employer Health Insurance Laws by State 2022

Government and occupational safety organizations dictate the employer health insurance laws by state. That also means that if you are looking for an employer health insurance laws by state 2022 guide, you won't find one. That doesn't mean, however, that there aren't regulations and guidelines that employers are mandated to follow.

The US Government Trumps All Employer Health Insurance Laws

Employer health insurance laws follow something like a hierarchy of sorts. In this case, like the jack of spades trumps everything in the card game Spades, or how the queen trumps every piece on the chessboard, employer health insurance laws follow a similar chain of command.

In the case of employer health insurance laws, the US Department of Labor and other work-related national governing committees set the standard for every employer in the country. The next trump card in the pecking order is state government laws. Most states have their own occupational health and safety standards and laws to help govern employers and companies.

There are also even more localized government bodies on county and city levels that play a role in the effort to ensure the best and appropriate employer health insurance laws are in place. It is just important to be mindful that the US government oversees and trumps all other laws and local agencies.

Some States Have Taken the Initiative Regarding Employer Heath Insurance Laws

Although there may not be an employer health insurance laws by state 2022 guide, there are some states that have taken more proactive measures regarding employer health insurance laws.Here is a look at some of the states that have chosen to employ some laws to help govern employer health insurance.


The state of California now requires that employers file coverage reports with its governing agency in addition to providing employees with coverage statements.


The state of Massachusetts now mandates that employers and group insurance plans provide what is called minimum creditable coverage (MCC). This ensures both the employer and the employee have fair and adequate safeguards in place.

New Jersey

Employers in New Jersey are required to provide data on covered employees to the Division of Taxation. Additionally, companies must also provide employees with coverage details, ensuring accountability and fair play for everyone.

Rhode Island

Following suit and adhering to the direction of National overseeing agencies, Rhode Island also now enforces strict insurance reporting policies upon employers doing business in the state.

Many other states such as Vermont, Hawaii, and Illinois have also taken definitive measures to improve employer health insurance laws for everyone. While there isn't a guide per se for employer health insurance laws by state 2022, each state has its guidelines, but they all follow the lead of the US Government.

Employer Health Insurance Laws by State 2022