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Greenest States 2023

There are a number of factors that go into determining who the greenest state in America would be. Typically, renewable energy plans, geographical variables, and recycling or waste diversion initiatives will rank as the highest factors in determining who the greenest states of America will be. Today, using these factors, the top three greenest states are, in no order, Washington, Hawaii, and Rhode Island. In close ranking with these states are California and New York.

Natural beauty works wonders when it comes to assessing the green quality of a state. When a state is lush in natural beauty and wonder, it is going to be considered greener. A state with protected land will also be considered greener. States with ocean coasts and lifestyles are also typically greener. Humans surrounded by natural habitats have a tendency to want to protect their surroundings, and this contributes to the overall green quality of a state.

Waste diversion and recycling is a critical components in combatting greenhouse gases and the continuing depletion of the ozone layer. Programs that include battery recycling and mobile device recycling also help. States that work to reduce landfill states will always rank high on lists of greenest states in America.

Washington State Environmental Initiatives

Washington State is committed to being green, with protected land being a significant reason. Approximately 36 percent of the state is owned by the government and is protected, with much of that being natural parkland. Washington is also a mountain and ocean state, making it a state that relies on natural resources to accommodate lifestyles.

Additionally, Washington is known to have a heavy recycling program and ranks low for size of landfills.

Rhode Island Environmental Initiatives

The tiny colonial state of Rhode Island is a very green state and works to achieve 100 percent renewable energy by 2030, a goal that is within reach. Rhode Island has a significant program for wind turbines which will help them to reach that goal.

Rhode Island also ranks high for natural space per capita. There aren’t many parks here, but there is one acre of designated natural space for every three people in the state.

Hawaii Environmental Initiatives

Natural beauty is what Hawaii is known for, and it is another state with a deep commitment to renewable energy. Hawaii intends on being a 100 percent renewable state by 2030. This state surrounded by mountains and oceans uses the sea environment to fuel the motivation for its green initiatives.

Almost half of Hawaii’s energy comes from solar and wind turbine energy, and Hawaii uses its volcanoes to create geothermal energy in order to improve its sustainability.

Here are the 10 states with the highest total score:

  1. Vermont - 76.66 score
  2. New York - 75.93 score
  3. Massachusetts - 74.08 score
  4. Maryland - 73.51 score
  5. California - 72.9 score
  6. Oregon - 72.31 score
  7. Minnesota - 71.96 score
  8. Hawaii - 71.52 score
  9. Connecticut - 69.64 score
  10. Washington - 68.45 score

Greenest States 2023

Greenest States 2023

Greenest States 2023