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Grocery Tax by State 2024

Grocery Tax by State 2024

Grocery Tax by State 2024

  • Even in states with no statewide grocery tax, sales tax may be levied on certain items at the county or local/municipal level.
  • Sales tax and grocery tax rates may change at any time and with scant notice. Data below should not be considered legally authoritative.

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Groceries Taxable
Sales Tax 2024
Reduced Grocery Tax 2024
Grocery Tax Exemptions
Alabama4%3%In accordance with Act 2023-554 , the state sales and use tax rates on food were reduced effective September 1, 2023.
Arkansas6.5%0.13%Food and food ingredients are taxed at a reduced rate of 0.125% plus the applicable local rate.
Hawaii4%0%Food purchased with federal food coupons or vouchers is exempt.
Idaho6%0%Residents can claim an average $100 income tax credit for purchasing grocery items in this state.
Illinois6.25%1%Tax rate on food consumed off the premises returned to 1% on July 1, 2023.
Kansas6.5%4%Certain exceptions may apply. The state plans to reduce this rate yearly until grocery items are exempt from sales tax.
Maryland6%0%Sales of food to patients in a hospital, on vehicles operating in interstate commerce, etc., may be exempt
Mississippi7%0%Only state sales tax and no local sales tax on groceries.
Oklahoma4.5%0%Oklahoma's government has passed legistlation to eliminate the state sales tax on food and food ingredients. However, as of early 2024, the effective date of this change had yet to be determined. The bill also prohibits any changes to local sales taxes regarding the taxation of food and food ingredients until June 30, 2025.
South Dakota4.5%0%
Tennessee7%4%Grocery sales tax holiday (August 2023 – October 2023)
Utah4.85%1.75%Taxed at a reduced rate. Utah seeks to remove state sales and use tax for food and food ingredients beginning January 1, 2025, if approved by voters.
Virginia4.3%1%Seeds and plants used to grow food, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco are not exempt.
Arizona0%0%Some grocery food purchases may be subject to local sales tax.
California0%0%Certain meals are taxed.
Colorado0%0%Carbonated water, chewing gum, cold sandwiches, plants to grow food, candy, drinks, and beverages served in unsealed cups
District of Columbia0%0%
Kentucky0%0%Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, candy, prepared food, dietary supplements, soft drinks, and food sold through vending machines are not exempt.
Louisiana0%0%Food sold for preparation and consumption at home is exempt.
Maine0%0%The exemption is limited to “grocery staples”(i.e., vegetables, meats, fish, dairy, bread, canned and boxed food products).
Michigan0%0%Food or salad bars, bottled or canned beverages, candy bars, cookies, and potato chips are not exempt.
New Hampshire0%0%
New Jersey0%0%
New Mexico0%0%
New York0%0%Carbonated beverages, sandwiches, confectionery, and candy are not exempt.
North Carolina0%0%Sales of food are subject to local taxes.
North Dakota0%0%
Pennsylvania0%0%Dependent upon the type of food and the location of where the food is sold.
Rhode Island0%0%
South Carolina0%0%Unprepared food bought with federal food stamps is exempt from state sales tax but might still be subject to local sales tax.
West Virginia0%0%
Wisconsin0%0%Some food snacks are excluded from this exemption.
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