High School Graduation Requirements by State 2022

If you were curious about the High School Graduation Requirements by State 2022 or for any other year, then you may be in for a considerable undertaking. The general graduation requirements for most schools are similar across the US, but every state has its own curriculum and coursework designs.

Fun Facts About High School Graduation Requirements by State 2022

The most simple way to explain it is to say that the high school graduation requirements for each state share many similarities, and many differences. Here is a quick look at some fun facts about both.

In the US, 47 states have defined state graduation minimum requirements. Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, however, have permitted autonomy to the State's individual school districts to determine the graduation requirements.

Although the majority of high schools in the country offer standard diplomas, several states also offer alternative diploma options. Six of those states also offer more than one type of standard diploma pursuit.

Another unusual fact about the high school graduation requirement by state 2022 is that all but 17 states have specific course requirements for graduation. While those 17 states do have certain course requirements for graduation, their graduation requirements also state the need for non-course requirements as a condition of earning a diploma.

The majority of schools in the US also prescribe to a particular or set number of units or credits to graduate. What is interesting about that fact, however, is the disparaging difference in the range of credits required from state to state. Some states only require as few as 13 credits or course units on the low end, while others require as many as 24 to satisfy graduation requirements.

Exit exams are a newer tool being used by high schools across the country today, in fact, many schools require minimum exit exam scores as a condition of grade promotion and or graduating. By the same token, many states have dropped the exit exams entirely.

High School Today is Much Different Then It Used to be - and Very Much the Same

School isn't what it once was, and with today's remote learning options, technological advances, and new types of curriculums and graduation requirements, high school even looks and sounds different today. What we can be certain of though, is that our graduates today are still leaving prepared, to lead, succeed, and take us into the future.

There are no standard high school graduation requirements by state guides or cheat sheets. So it is important to check with your school and review each student's path to graduation. The paths to graduation are different for many of us, but the joy and accomplishment of graduation are always the same.

High School Graduation Requirements by State 2022