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Horse Slaughter Legal States 2024

Horse Slaughter Legal States 2024

It is a little-known fact even among Americans that horse meat is fully legal to eat in most US states. The sale of horse meat is illegal, and the last legal horse slaughterhouses closed in 2007. However, most states allow an owner to kill his or her own horse for the purpose of consumption.

Is it legal to slaughter horses for food in the United States?

As of 2023, there is no federal ban on the private slaughtering of horses for human consumption. It is also legal in all but a handful of individual states.

The states that have made horse slaughter illegal are California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, and Texas. Additionally, in Arizona, a license is required to slaughter horses. In all other states, it is not illegal to slaughter horses.

There is a proposed bill in Colorado that would prevent horse slaughter for human consumption. Bills like this could be introduced in other states so it is important to look for the most up-to-date information if you are interested in slaughtering horses.

Horse Slaughter Legal States 2024

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AlabamaNot Illegal
AlaskaNot Illegal
ArizonaLicense RequiredA license shall be obtained from the division before slaughtering a horse for human consumption.
ArkansasNot Illegal
ColoradoNot IllegalProposed bill in Colorado would prevent horse slaughter for human consumption
ConnecticutNot Illegal
DelawareNot Illegal
District of ColumbiaNot Illegal
FloridaIllegalIllegal to slaughter a horse, but not to consume its meat.
GeorgiaIllegalGeorgia law states that it is illegal to slaughter a horse for the purpose of selling the meat for human consumption unless certain conditions are met.
HawaiiNot Illegal
IdahoNot Illegal
IndianaNot Illegal
IowaNot Illegal
KansasNot Illegal
KentuckyNot Illegal
LouisianaNot Illegal
MaineNot Illegal
MarylandNot Illegal
MassachusettsNot Illegal
MichiganNot Illegal
MinnesotaNot Illegal
MississippiNot Illegal
MissouriNot Illegal
MontanaNot Illegal
NebraskaNot Illegal
NevadaNot Illegal
New HampshireNot Illegal
New JerseyIllegal
New MexicoNot Illegal
New YorkIllegalIllegal to slaughter a horse, but not to consume its meat.
North CarolinaNot Illegal
North DakotaNot Illegal
OhioNot Illegal
OklahomaNot Illegal
OregonNot Illegal
PennsylvaniaNot Illegal
Rhode IslandNot Illegal
South CarolinaNot Illegal
South DakotaNot Illegal
TennesseeNot Illegal
UtahNot Illegal
VermontNot Illegal
VirginiaNot Illegal
WashingtonNot Illegal
West VirginiaNot Illegal
WisconsinNot Illegal
WyomingNot Illegal
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