Hummingbird Species by State 2023

Species in the Western Region

The west contains many diverse species that are native to that habitat. The climate is largely influenced by the Pacific, with the exception of Alaska. Alaska is known for its natural beauty and has species that is local to that environment. These are mainly Anna's, Costa's, Ruby-Throated, and Rufous's. Hummingbirds are small and contain many protective layers around their bodies, so they can withstand some cold environments. In contrast, Hawaii contains no species of hummingbird. This is largely due to the massive pineapple farming that is occurring in one of America's few tropical-maritime climates. Hummingbirds will destroy the pineapple crop, so they are strictly prohibited.

Species in the Southwest Region

The Southwest is home to one of the fewest conglomerates of states, but this does not mean that the variety is any less. Texas is one of the largest states in America and contains some of the most diverse sets of hummingbirds. These are Allen’s, Anna’s, Antillean Crested, Black-chinned, Blue-throated, Calliope, Costa’s, Green Violet-ear, Lucifer, Magnificent, Ruby-throated, Rufous, Violet-crowned, Violet-ear, and White-eared species. Arizona also holds many of these species, and, even though it is a dry, desert climate.

Species in The Midwest Region

The Midwest is largely known for its cost-effectiveness. It contains some of the best contrasts between the cost of living and income. Because they are so far inland, and away from water, their climates are largely influenced by climate factors that occur from far away. This means that it is less temperate, and more extreme circumstances can occur if periods such as drought or folding occur. Because of this, animal diversity sometimes suffers. Of all the states in the Midwest region, Kansas is known for its wide open plains and connections to nature, and this is also true for hummingbird populations. There are sightings of the following birds in this region: Allen’s, Anna’s, Broad-billed, Broad-tailed, Calliope, Costa’s, Magnificent, Ruby-throated, and Rufous.

Species in the Southern Region

The South is a region that encapsulates most states in America. As such, they have extremely diverse populations, as intermingling and migration can occur commonly. Furthermore, southern states are usually more rural than their eastern and northern counterparts, meaning that natural habitats tend to stay more intact and can survive through different temperatures and conditions. Louisiana contains the most species, including Allen’s, Anna’s, Black-chinned, Blue-throated, Broad-billed, Buff-bellied, Calliope, Green Violet-ear, Magnificent, Ruby-throated, and Rufous.

Species in the Mid-Atlantic Region

The Mid-Atlantic region is made cold due to its proximity to the Atlantic ocean. Because of the cold sea breeze, it is more suitable for birds of prey that eat fish and other aquatic life. The Ruby-Throated hummingbird is the predominant species in this region, east of the Mississippi river. Species in the New England Region

New England is near its Canadian cousins, particularly areas that produce maple syrup. As such, some hummingbirds are drawn to this region in the April-May period. The two species that are in overwhelming abundance are the Ruby-Throated and the Rufous.

Hummingbird Species by State 2023