Judgment Expiration by State 2022

States with Long Judgement Expirations

The longest limit before a judgment expiration occurs seems to be around 20 years. Many states, including Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, and Maine have a 20-year statute of limitations on their judgments. This means that a judgment creditor has 20 years to track their debtors and legally request and enforce that they pay. It is important to know your rights as an individual as it will help serve you best in times of great need.

Any person that owns a judgment that was not collected needs to determine how long the judgment can survive before it expires, legally. Someone who is looking to enforce payment will have a vested interest in finding out the information about your whereabouts, and how much you currently owe. In states that have longer expiration dates, such as the ones listed above, it is important to either pay what you owe or to seek out legal advice where necessary in order to achieve peace of mind. Remember to stay abreast of all news laws and ways that a judgment can be revived or extended if it has already expired.

States with Short Judgement Expirations

The District of Columbia has the lowest expiration on a judgment, at just 3 years. States with low limits on expiration also include Arizona, Kansas, Georgia, Nebraska, Nevada, and Wyoming. These states have an expiration limit of between 5-7 years. Although the limit is very small, this does not mean that the judgment collector is any less motivated - usually the exact opposite. If a judgment collector feels that they are pressed for time, or in an area with a smaller population, they may move their case forward much more quickly and with greater intent than someone in an otherwise different situation.

Regardless of the time to expiration, it is always best to know how much you owe and to verify all information presented before you. Just because you owe money to a judgment collector does not mean that you necessarily need to comply with the exact things they say. Seek legal advice and know your rights. In certain cases, you may be able to reduce, limit or throw out your case with the help of a qualified financial and legal team.

States without Limit on Judgement Expirations

While Delaware has one of the shortest statutes of limitations on oral agreements, written contracts, and promissory notes, it does not have a limit on judgments. This is a double-edged sword of news to judgment debtors. While someone may initially be looking for you, the sheer amount of old judgments will sometimes get lost in the pile. With no expiration, some collectors could be improperly incentivized to collect on their payment, or provided with fewer resources to find the person who owes the debt.

Although you may never truly achieve peace of mind in a process that has no statute of limitations, a sound plan is necessary to be able to confront and resolve a problem if it were to surface.

Judgment Expiration by State 2022