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Korea Veterans by State 2022

1. California

California is the leading state when it comes to Korea veterans by state 2022. The state has 145,536 veterans. Given the large population of people in California, the population of Korean war veterans translates to 392 veterans per 100,000 people. Most of the veterans live in Los Angeles and San Diego.

2. Florida

Florida has the highest number of Korean veterans after California. Currently, the number of Korean veterans in Florida is 139,555, which is equivalent to 629 veterans per 100,000 people. The high number of veterans in the state is because Florida has a strong economy with many organizations and employers who appreciate and like employing veterans.

3. Texas

Texas also has a huge population of veterans from the Korean War. With 89,228 veterans, Texas has 296 Korean War veterans in 100,000 people. The veterans mainly consist of American and South Korean military personnel who participated in the war in different capacities. The majority of them are found in Dallas and Harris.

4. New York

New York has 75,312 Korean War veterans. This large population is equal to 392 veterans per 100,000 people. Most of these veterans are male, more than 90%, with female veterans constituting less than 10%. Many veterans prefere settling in New York because of its veteran-friendly nature. The state offers commendable benefits to veterans and their families, such as tax exemption and scholarship programs.

5. Pennsylvania

74,683 Korean War residents currently reside in Pennslyvania. The population equals 583 veterans per 100,000 people. Many veterans prefer living in the state because of its low housing prices and reasonable living standards. Most of the veterans live in the rural areas of the state. Nevertheless, not all veterans are leading a good life. More than 200 Korean War veterans are homeless and jobless.

6. Ohio

Following Pensslyvania in the number of Korea War veterans by state 2022 is Ohio. The Buckeye State has a population of 56,557 veterans from the Korean war. The population translates to 482 Korean War veterans per 100,000 people in Ohio. War veterans like residing in Ohio because of the States numerous benefits for veterans, including employment assistance and compensation for state active duty.

7. Illinois

Rivalling Ohio closely with regard to Korea War veterans by state 2022 is Illinois. Illinois has a total of 51,593 Korean War veterans. That implies that the state has 412 veterans per 100,000 people in the Prairie State.

Here are the 10 states with the most Korean War veterans:

  1. Maine - 589 per 100k
  2. Florida - 578 per 100k
  3. New Hampshire - 549 per 100k
  4. Arizona - 538 per 100k
  5. West Virginia - 534 per 100k
  6. Iowa - 522 per 100k
  7. Pennsylvania - 522 per 100k
  8. South Dakota - 520 per 100k
  9. Oregon - 515 per 100k
  10. Wyoming - 513 per 100k

Korea Veterans by State 2022


Korea Veterans by State 2022

Korea Veterans by State 2022