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Marital Status by State 2022

1. Utah

About 56.00% of the 2,763,885 people who live in Utah as of 2010 report being married. This state’s population has grown by 20% from what it was upon completion of the 2000 Census, which also measures the 4th highest in the United States.

Most of the people live in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. Utah has only a 9% divorce rate, but about a third of the people never married. About 4 percent have lost a spouse and now take on the windowed status according to 2022 reports, and marital statuses hadn’t changed much by 2020.

2. Idaho

Idaho has a 54% marriage rate and a higher divorce rate than Utah at about 12%. Only 27% of the people living here never had gotten married once.

About 5% of the state had a significant other that passed away. Idaho has experienced a 20% population growth from 2000-2010 and after 2010 had about 1,567,582 living in it. This state’s marriage rates hadn’t changed much by 2020 though.

3. Wyoming

Wyoming ties with Idaho for second and third places at 54.00% of the people here being married as of 2010, but that percentage drop by about two points in 2022.

This area experienced a divorce rate equaling about a percent higher than for Idaho by 2010. About 5% during this period were widowed and 27% of them did not ever marry. This state only has about five people living in it per square mile, and it has the largest land area square footage.

4. Nebraska

Nebraska has the fourth-highest marriage rate (53%) as of 2010, and its divorce rate at this time was 10%. A total of 30% of the people living in this state either stayed single or maybe shared a place with a long-term partner. The widowed status rate equaled about 6% at this time.

Six States With The Same Marital Status Rates

Marital status by state 2022 reports indicate that six states have a 52% marital status rate: Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota Montana, New Hampshire, North Dakota. This information comes from the 2010 census, and a couple of these states did experience a slight drop in marriage rates.

5. Iowa

Iowa’s marital status rate didn’t change much since 2010. This state has seen an estimated 4% population growth by 2010 from 2000, and it has about 3,046,355 living in it.

6. Kansas

Like Iowa, this state’s marital status overall hasn’t changed much since 2010. This state also had not much more than a minute population growth rate from 2010-2015. During this period, it had about 2,911,641 living in it.

7. Minnesota

This state experienced a rather insignificant .02% decrease in marriage rates. It has one of the least dense populations and ranks number 12 for largest amount of surface area where no one lives.

8. Montana

This stay may have experienced a slight increase of marital status rates by 2020 to 52.3%. However, that may just be a reporting margin of error.

9. New Hampshire

This state’s stats for 2020 measured about the same as it did in 2010. It ranks 45th of all the states in the U.S. to have the lowest population growth rate.

10. North Dakota

2020 data shows just more than 50% for men and 53.3% for the women. Some people may have divorced or separated, but there doesn’t seem to be much change from 2010 or earlier.

2020 Changes in Marital Status

One issue with 2020 marital status updates: It comes from a different report than the 2010 data and divides men from women. Most of the 2010 information relates to both genders combined.

Here are the 10 states with the highest rates of marriage:

  1. Utah - 55.80%
  2. Idaho - 54.90%
  3. Wyoming - 54.30%
  4. Nebraska - 52.70%
  5. North Dakota - 52.40%
  6. Kansas - 52.20%
  7. Montana - 52.00%
  8. Iowa - 51.90%
  9. New Hampshire - 51.80%
  10. Minnesota - 51.70%

Marital Status by State 2022


Marital Status by State 2022

Marital Status by State 2022