Medical Billing and Coding Salary by State 2022

Which States Have the Highest Medical Billing and Coding Salary?

The District of Columbia, California, Massachusetts, Maryland, and Hawaii have the highest medical billing and coding salaries throughout the country. This is largely due to the overall economy and the importance of healthcare. For example, Massachusetts houses the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) which has produced extremely qualified and intelligent graduates who are amongst the top earners in the STEM field. In an effort to keep the "brain drain" phenomenon from leaving the state, most STEM fields have higher annual salaries to not only attract high performers to MIT but to also retain them within the workforce in the state of Massachusetts.

Similar cases are found in Hawaii and Maryland (and by extension, DC) as there are large medical research centers stationed within the state. These have attracted foreign funding and increased immigration of medical and technological professionals to come work within the state borders. DC is the only region to offer more than a 70k annual salary for its average salary, but this is also due to the fact that the professionals here are fewer and farther between. By contrast, the entire state of Maryland is slightly less, at nearly 66k annual salary, but still amongst the highest earning potential.

Which States Have the Lowest Medical Billing and Coding Salary?

Unsurprisingly, the criteria that make the difference between salary estimates on average per state are their cost of living and their importance in STEM - particularly in the medical field. Alabama has the 2nd lowest average in the nation, only paying around $48,000 per annum. It also has one of the lowest cost of living indicators in the country, placing 11th on the list of the cheapest states to live in.

Mississippi, by contrast, has both the lowest average salary in the field and is also the cheapest cost of living state in the US, proving that salary is largely affected by state averages rather than solely relying on the demand of the field. Mississippi Medical Billing and Coding technicians on average are paid $46,250 annually.

Other than Alabama and Mississippi, all other states pay their technicians at least $50,000 per year or more, on average. Some of the lowest include West Virginia, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, North Dakota, and Oklahoma.

What is the National Stance on Medical Billing and Coding?

The national range in the Medical Billing and Coding Field is between $36,708 and $55,434 per year. Generally, having a higher education degree and more credentials is attributed to a higher wage, a very common thing in a STEM-related field. In contrast, although state averages vary, there are certain cities that have very high earning potential for these degrees. For example, Indiana has one of the lowest state averages for payment in this field but has one of the best cities for medical billers and coders. Kokomo, Indiana surpasses all state averages by providing a mean salary of $71,470 per year.

Medical Billing and Coding Salary by State 2022