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Meijer by State 2024

Meijer by State 2024


Meijer was created in 1934 as a supermarket chain, and it is predominantly found in the Midwest. Of course, Michigan holds most of the stores that are found in America as the chain holds its operations in Walker, Michigan - making it part of the Grand Rapids metropolitan area. Even though the headquarters are in Walker, the store had its early start in Greenville, founded by a Dutch immigrant. He did so to try and open a business that was able to fulfill the demands of the local population during the Great Depression, who needed cheap and healthy food to feed their families.

Meijer was one of the first stores to offer self-service, which is the norm today. This meant that people could enter the store and purchase everything they needed by first accumulating the produce in a shopping cart and taking it to the front desk. Customers had to previously peruse a catalog and get the clerk to ring them out and bring the items, a slow and painstaking process. Furthermore, customers were unable to first inspect the product before this method. The business model as well as the staple bulk items offered at a discount eventually brought fame and fortune to the small supermarket, which began expanding in 1942. Today, Michigan has about 123 stores in the state, representing nearly half of the stores across America.


Indiana represented the first location that was ever opened outside the state of Michigan. At this time, the retail chain was competing with the Walton family, who are the creators behind Walmart - now one of the largest retail and grocery chains in North America. The first location in Indiana was opened in Mishawaka in 1994 and has since become one of the largest holders of Meijer supermarkets outside the state of Michigan. There are 42 Meijer stores in the state. It is a staple in many communities, as they often offer bulk goods at a discount that is in direct competition with other stores, even after the success of Walmart. The Meijer difference is still felt today, as the Midwest is commonly known for its affordability and its good-natured spirit.

The Meijer family was initially doing much better than Sam Walton, who was criticized for not knowing how to handle their operations properly. Meijer quickly spread to other states after the mid-1990s, as Michigan was considered to be "conquered".


The third state to officially open its operations for the Meijer store expansion was Illinois. Store 146 was opened in Champaign in 1995, marking it as the first expansion into another state. It wasn't until 1999 that a Chicago location was opened, which marked great news for the Meijer brand. This also meant that further expansion was possible throughout the state, as three new locations were opened in Illinois in 2000, with locations in Springfield, St. Charles, and Aurora. There are now 26 Meijer locations in Illinois.

In addition to these three, many other Meijer locations can be found in three Midwestern States, Kentucky (11 stores), Ohio (51 stores), and Wisconsin (12 stores).

Meijer by State 2024

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