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Most Obese States 2021

Obesity is considered an epidemic in the United States. Obesity is when an adult has a BMI of 30 or greater. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 39.8% of Americans were obese in 2015-2016, approximately 93 million people.

Bodyweight is the result of several factors such as overeating, lack of physical activity, genetics, culture, and metabolism. Obesity is linked to many health complications and diseases, such as early death, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, certain types of cancer, and stroke. Thus, obesity prevalence is a significant factor in determining which states are the healthiest.

Obesity in the United States

There are some groups with higher obesity rates, according to the CDC. Overall, men and women with college degrees had a lower obesity prevalence than those who did not have a higher education. The prevalence of obesity was highest among middle-aged adults, ages 45-54 years old, at 37.6%, compared to young adults, ages 18-24, at 18.9%. Additionally, the prevalence of obesity is significantly higher among the non-Hispanic Black population than the non-Hispanic white or Hispanic populations.

All U.S. states reported obesity rates above 20% in 2019. Twelve states reported obesity rates above 35%. The Midwest and South had the highest obesity prevalence, with 33.9% and 33.3%, respectively.

Most Obese U.S. States

According to the CDC's most recent obesity numbers, the state with the highest obesity rate is Mississippi, with an obesity rate of 40.8%. Mississippi also has the shortest life expectancy among all states at 74.5 years. West Virginia has the second-highest obesity prevalence at 39.7% and the second-lowest life expectancy of 74.8 years.

Consumer Protect also released a Couch Potato Index, which ranks the 50 states by the percentage of adults who participate in zero physical activity, according to the CDC. Mississippi is second on this list, with 33.2% of adults engaging in zero physical activity. West Virginia ranks number eight on this list at 31.6%.

The least obese state in the United States are the District of Columbia and Colorado, with an obesity prevalence of 23.8% each. Coloradans are considered to be some of the most physically active people, with plenty of outdoor space and activities and better eating habits. Hawaii has the second-lowest obesity rate and the highest life expectancy in the U.S. of 81.5 years.

Here are the 10 states with the highest rates of obesity:

  1. Mississippi (4080.00 percent)
  2. West Virginia (3970.00 percent)
  3. Arkansas (3740.00 percent)
  4. Oklahoma (3680.00 percent)
  5. Kentucky (3650.00 percent)
  6. Tennessee (3650.00 percent)
  7. Alabama (3610.00 percent)
  8. Michigan (3600.00 percent)
  9. Louisiana (3590.00 percent)
  10. South Carolina (3540.00 percent)

Most Obese States 2021


Most Obese States 2021

State Obesity Rate 2021 Pop.
Mississippi4080.00 percent2,966,407
West Virginia3970.00 percent1,767,859
Arkansas3740.00 percent3,033,946
Oklahoma3680.00 percent3,990,443
Tennessee3650.00 percent6,944,260
Kentucky3650.00 percent4,480,713
Alabama3610.00 percent4,934,193
Michigan3600.00 percent9,992,427
Louisiana3590.00 percent4,627,002
South Carolina3540.00 percent5,277,830
Indiana3530.00 percent6,805,663
Kansas3520.00 percent2,917,224
Ohio3480.00 percent11,714,618
North Dakota3480.00 percent770,026
Missouri3480.00 percent6,169,038
Delaware3440.00 percent990,334
Wisconsin3420.00 percent5,852,490
Nebraska3410.00 percent1,951,996
Texas3400.00 percent29,730,311
North Carolina3400.00 percent10,701,022
Iowa3390.00 percent3,167,974
Pennsylvania3320.00 percent12,804,123
Georgia3310.00 percent10,830,007
South Dakota3300.00 percent896,581
Maryland3230.00 percent6,065,436
Virginia3190.00 percent8,603,985
New Hampshire3180.00 percent1,372,203
New Mexico3170.00 percent2,105,005
Maine3170.00 percent1,354,522
Illinois3160.00 percent12,569,321
Arizona3140.00 percent7,520,103
Nevada3060.00 percent3,185,786
Alaska3050.00 percent724,357
Minnesota3010.00 percent5,706,398
Rhode Island3000.00 percent1,061,509
Wyoming2970.00 percent581,075
Idaho2950.00 percent1,860,123
Utah2920.00 percent3,310,774
Connecticut2910.00 percent3,552,821
Oregon2900.00 percent4,289,439
Washington2830.00 percent7,796,941
Montana2830.00 percent1,085,004
New Jersey2730.00 percent8,874,520
New York2710.00 percent19,299,981
Florida2700.00 percent21,944,577
Vermont2660.00 percent623,251
California2630.00 percent39,613,493
Massachusetts2520.00 percent6,912,239
Hawaii2500.00 percent1,406,430
Colorado2380.00 percent5,893,634

Most Obese States 2021