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Most Popular Soda by State 2024

Most Popular Soda by State 2024

The average American drinks 39.6 gallons of soda every year. That equals about 480 cans of soda in 365 days. However, soda intake has declined by 30% in the last five years. Part of the decline is due to the increased awareness of the health effect of carbonated drinks and conditions like diabetes and obesity. Nevertheless, Americans still crave their fizzy, cold beverage when they want them.

Website Eat This, Not That released a list that identified the most popular soft drinks in each state. Here are the sodas and soft drinks that are on top of everyone’s minds in each state.

Most Popular Sodas in America

While some of the states list favorites that are nationally known, many are regional favorites that do not have a widespread appeal.

A 2021 Newsweek article lists the 10 most popular sodas nationwide. This is based on the amount sold in 2021. The top ten are 7-Up (just under $1 billion), Sunkist ($1 billion dollars), Sierra Mist ($1 billion), Fanta ($2.34 billion), Sprite ($6 billion), Mountain Dew ($7 billion), Dr. Pepper ($11.12 billion), Pepsi ($14.82 billion), Diet Coke ($37.27 billion), and Coca-Cola ($36.5 billion).

Most Popular Soda by State 2024

  • 2022 data courtesy of Eat This, Not That!. 2024 data courtesy of Gitnux Market Data.
  • Different sources may attain divergent results due to varying methodologies, shifts in consumer behavior or drink availability, or other factors.

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Most Popular Soda (Gitnux 2024)
Most Popular Soda (ETNT 2022)
WashingtonStarbucksGreen River Soda
AlaskaSpriteRed Bull
ColoradoPepsiSweet Tea
DelawarePepsiDr. Pepper
HawaiiPepsiDiet Coke
IndianaPepsiSierra Mist
North CarolinaPepsiRoot Beer
PennsylvaniaPepsiIced Tea
MaineMoxieRoot Beer
ArkansasMountain DewGinger Ale
IowaMountain DewSquirt
MontanaMountain DewPepsi
NevadaMountain DewCrush
New HampshireMountain DewDiet Coke
North DakotaMountain DewCoke Zero
South DakotaMountain DewRoot Beer
TennesseeMountain DewLemonade
West VirginiaMountain DewMountain Dew
WyomingMountain DewCoke Zero
UtahMormon TeaCrush
VermontMaple SyrupCream Soda
ArizonaDr PepperTab
IdahoDr PepperDiet Coke
MissouriDr PepperFaygo
New MexicoDr PepperGinger Ale
OklahomaDr PepperCream Soda
TexasDr PepperCream Soda
AlabamaCoca-ColaDr. Pepper
CaliforniaCoca-ColaCream Soda
MarylandCoca-ColaJones Soda
MassachusettsCoca-ColaMountain Dew
MinnesotaCoca-ColaOrange Soda
New JerseyCoca-ColaMonster Energy
New YorkCoca-ColaFaygo
OregonCoca-ColaDr. Pepper
South CarolinaCoca-ColaNehi
WisconsinCoca-ColaJolly Good Soda
LouisianaBarq's Root BeerSprite
MississippiBarq's Root BeerSunkist
KentuckyAle8OneRoot Beer
Rhode IslandOrange Soda
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