Most Popular Soda by State 2022

The average American drinks 39.6 gallons of soda every year. That equals about 480 cans of soda in 365 days. However, soda intake has declined by 30% in the last five years. Part of the decline is due to the increased awareness of the health effect of carbonated drinks and conditions like diabetes and obesity.

Nevertheless, Americans still crave their fizzy, cold beverage when they want them. Here are sodas that are on top of everyone’s minds in each state. Read the list and find out what your state Googled the most!

-Alabama – Dr Pepper

-Alaska – Red Bull

-Arizona - Tab Cola

-Arkansas – Ginger Ale

-California – Cream Soda

-Colorado – Sweet Tea

-Connecticut – Squirt

-Delaware – Dr. Pepper

-Florida – Squirt

-Georgia – Nehi

-Hawaii – Diet Coke

-Idaho – Diet Coke

-Illinois – Jarritos

-Indiana – Sierra Mist

-Iowa – Squirt

-Louisiana – Sprite

-Kansas – Fanta

-Kentucky – Root Beer

-Maine – Root Beer

-Maryland – Jones Soda

-Massachusetts – Mountain Dew

-Michigan – Slurpees

-Minnesota – Orange Soda

-Mississippi – Sunkist

-Missouri – Faygo

-Montana – Pepsi

-Nebraska – Sprite

-Nevada – Crush

-New Hampshire – Diet Coke

-New Jersey – Monster Energy

-New Mexico – Ginger Ale

-New York – Faygo

-North Carolina – Root Beer

-North Dakota – Coke Zero

-Ohio – Faygo

-Oklahoma – Cream Soda

-Oregon – Dr Pepper

-Pennsylvania – Iced Tea

-Rhode Island – Orange Soda

-South Carolina – Nehi

-South Dakota – Root Beer

-Tennessee – Lemonade

-Texas – Cream Soda

-Utah – Crush

-Vermont – Cream Soda

-Virginia – Fanta

-Washington – Green River Soda

-Wisconsin – Jolly Good Soda

-West Virginia – Mountain Dew

-Wyoming – Coke Zero

Top 5 Soda-Drinking Countries in the World

While sodas are popular globally due to their fizz, sweeteners, and flavorings, the following are the top 5 top soda-drinking countries in the world:

Rank 5. Uruguay (113 Liters Per Capita)

The Uruguay market has seen an increase in sales of sodas recently. When the earnings and economy stabilize, people will likely spend more on carbonated drinks. This has caused many health complications related to bones and dental decay.

Rank 4. Mexico (137 Liters Per Capita)

Mexicans are amongst the biggest consumers of sodas in the world despite the negative reports about the consumption of sodas. Most Mexicans are suffering from obesity-related complications. Therefore, the government has enforced a soda tax, and it has hoped to cut down on carbonated drinks sales.

Rank 3. Chile (141 Liters Per Capita)

The higher intake is due to a stable economy, good lifestyles, and low unemployment rates, giving Chileans the discretionary income to buy them. But, more recent reports have indicated increased health risks in Chile. Chileans are mostly fond of Coca-Cola brands.

Rank 2. USA (154 Liters Per Capita)

Americans are amongst the largest consumers of sodas due to their modern lifestyle and higher income. This has paved the way for many health complications for Americans, and even soda taxes have failed in some American municipalities.

1 out of 5 Americans has a soda daily, which is alarming. The researchers have discovered that they often suffer from obesity, dental problems, or obesity.

Rank 1. Argentina (155 Liters Per Capita)

Sodas are mostly in demand due to warm climatic conditions and higher income. However, the high intake has worried the health authorities because the Argentinean population is increasingly becoming prone to health risks.

Most Popular Soda by State 2022