Most Popular Sport by State 2022

College Football

The most popular sport in several states is college football. The NCAA and SEC Country have emboldened viewers to make college football the biggest winners. This may come as a surprise to some states, such as Georgia, Florida, and Oregon which have large professional sports teams, but the fans' allegiance is to college teams during televised hours on Saturday during the fall season. In recent years, states with big SEC schools are fervently devout to watching the college gridiron. The National Championship runs through the SEC - and the popularity spike between Georgia and Alabama in 2021 was no surprise to several viewers.

Pennsylvania is a curious state that has made a list, but it is the most peculiar. With two extremely popular NFL franchises calling this their home state, and two big baseball teams - the love for college football is extremely surprising, to say the least. Twenty states list college football as their most popular sport, which includes:

Professional Football

If college football was number one, then naturally, professional football would follow. The NFL season is the most popular in the United States and is as much part of American culture as fireworks on the fourth of July. Some of the states on this list do not have an NFL team, but they are extremely close to playing in the majors. Indiana is a surprising addition to the list, given that their focus is more on professional basketball with the Indianapolis Colts.

The list of these states love American Football, and everyone is cheering for their team to win the Superbowl. Rivalries at the dinner table are extremely common as to who will win or lose for the current year. The list of the 13 states who consider professional football their number one sports addiction is:

Professional Baseball

You didn't think MLB wouldn't make the list, did you? Although football is listed as one of the state's favorite pastimes, baseball is the national sport of choice and is part of the American identity. The Cardinals, Cubs, Yankees, and Red Sox have gone down in history as one of the most influential teams in the sport. Unsurprisingly, most of the New England region is still extremely heavily interested in the MLB season over other sports games. This can come down to tradition, but it is most likely that their division also connects it to Canadian teams. The Blue Jays are the only official Canadian team that plays in the MLB, and hosts many minor professional American teams.

With the love of the sport being so widespread, it is unfortunate to see that the love is only for the big leagues. The minor leagues do not receive nearly enough support. 9 states have MLB as their favorite sport to watch:

Most Popular Sport by State 2022