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Most Racist States 2023

Racism is defined as prejudice or discrimination against people of different races. A racist person believes that his or her race is superior, while other races are inferior. While Americans might think that racism is most prevalent in the United States, it is considered more welcoming and accepting than many other countries. Some of the most racist countries are Bahrain, Lebanon, India, South Africa.

Racism in a given area isn’t something that can be measured like population or area. Polls and surveys can be used, but these aren’t always accurate. Other data, such as instances of hate crimes and hate speech, can also be used to determine where racism is most prevalent.

Because of this, it’s difficult to measure what states in the U.S. are the most racist. However, some organizations and publications have attempted to measure racism throughout the United States. The following contains some of these findings.

The apartment search website Abodo created a map outlining the most racist areas in the nation. The site used software that tracked over 12 million tweets posted in 2014 and 2016, filtering out tweets with racial slurs.

Based on these findings, West Virginia was revealed to be the most racist state. Maryland and Louisiana were also the most racist states based on racial slurs used on Twitter.

Another study was conducted by data scientist Seth Stephens-Davidowitz using Google search data. Based on this data, the study found that the most racist regions in the United States are the rural Northeast and South, which were slave states before the American Civil War. Searches containing racial slurs were most prevalent in the Appalachian region from Georgia to New York and Vermont. High concentrations of racist searches were discovered in areas along the Gulf Coast, the Upper Peninsula region in Michigan, and Ohio.

However, it is important to note that these findings aren’t an official ranking of racist states. These studies give some idea of areas in the nation where racism may occur. Some of the states that have made the most racial progress are New Mexico, Hawaii, and Wyoming.

Most Racist States 2023

Most Racist States 2023