Native American Reservations by State 2022

Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation is the largest Native American reservation, consisting of 169,321 residents. The reservation is located in Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico and covers 17.5 million acres. By area, this Native American reservation is larger than ten different US states. The territory was acquired in 1848 after the United States won it as a prize from the US-Mexico war.

Pine Ridge Reservation

Straddled between South Dakota and Nebraska, Pine Ridge Reservation is home to 16,906 Native Americans. This reservation is the second largest territory in the United States. Part of this reservation was originally included in the Great Sioux Reservation, but a treaty in 1889 separated the area into an independent and separate reservation.

Fort Apache Reservation

Located in Arizona, the Fort Apache Reservation is home to 13,014 Native Americans. The majority of the residents in this reservation are from the federally recognized White Mountain Apache tribe. This group of Native Americans is typically found in the western Apache tribe regions.

Gila River Indian Reservation

As the fourth most significant Native American Reservation, the Gila River Indian Reservation is home to 11,251 Native Americans. The reservation is located in Arizona. The reservation area is positioned right next to Phoenix, making it very close to a metro area. The Gila River Indian Reservation was established in 1859 and is made up of seven different districts and several independent communities within the reservation borders.

Osage Reservation

Located in Oklahoma, the Osage Reservation is home to 9,920 Native Americans. This reservation is mostly made up of Native Americans from the Great Plains, established about 800 BC. The Osage tribe that lives on the reservation has moved there from Kansas in the 19th century. The reservation is open to visitors and welcomes people to their reservation.

San Carlos Reservation

A slightly smaller reservation in Arizona is the San Carlos Reservation. This Native American Reservation is home to 9,901 residents. The San Carlos Reservation is home to the Apache tribe and was established in 1872. Several Apache tribes were consolidated on the reservation but today live peacefully together. The reservation has a college and town center.

Rosebud Indian Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust

Home to 9,809 people, the Rosebud Indian Reservation is located in South Dakota. This Native American reservation is home to the Rosebud Sioux People, a separate branch from the Lakota people. The Rosebud Indian Reservation was established in 1934, making it one of the later Native American reservations to become a federally recognized location. The reservation has several schools, a cultural center, and two different newspapers.

Native American Reservations by State 2022