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With Cash Bail
No Cash Bail

No Cash Bail States 2024

No Cash Bail States 2024

In the realm of pretrial release in the United States, the use of cash bail stands as a longstanding practice, yet its application varies widely across states. While many states adhere to the traditional model of cash bail, there is a growing trend towards reforming or entirely abolishing this system. Among the trailblazers in this movement are the District of Columbia, Illinois, New Jersey, New Mexico, and New York. These states have shifted towards alternative methods of pretrial release, aiming to address issues of fairness and equity within the criminal justice system. For instance, the District of Columbia employs a risk assessment system, while Illinois successfully implemented a bill eliminating cash bail in July 2023, following legal hurdles.

Meanwhile, states like California maintain a variable approach to cash bail, attempting to strike a balance between traditional practices and reform efforts. Despite some strides towards reform, the debate surrounding cash bail remains contentious, with ongoing discussions and potential rollbacks in states like New York. As the conversation evolves, the overarching goal remains clear: to create a more equitable and just system of pretrial release that considers the socioeconomic disparities often exacerbated by the reliance on cash bail.

No Cash Bail States 2024

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No Cash Bail States
AlabamaWith Cash Bail
AlaskaWith Cash Bail
Alaska largely eliminated cash bail in 2018, but reinstated it in 2019.
ArizonaWith Cash Bail
ArkansasWith Cash Bail
ColoradoWith Cash Bail
ConnecticutWith Cash Bail
DelawareWith Cash Bail
FloridaWith Cash Bail
GeorgiaWith Cash Bail
HawaiiWith Cash Bail
IdahoWith Cash Bail
IndianaWith Cash Bail
Indiana's 2020 "Rule 26" guidelines recommend that arrestees who do not represent a flight risk or a...
IowaWith Cash Bail
KansasWith Cash Bail
KentuckyWith Cash Bail
LouisianaWith Cash Bail
MaineWith Cash Bail
MarylandWith Cash Bail
MassachusettsWith Cash Bail
MichiganWith Cash Bail
MinnesotaWith Cash Bail
MississippiWith Cash Bail
MissouriWith Cash Bail
MontanaWith Cash Bail
NebraskaWith Cash Bail
NevadaWith Cash Bail
New HampshireWith Cash Bail
North CarolinaWith Cash Bail
North DakotaWith Cash Bail
OhioWith Cash Bail
OklahomaWith Cash Bail
OregonWith Cash Bail
PennsylvaniaWith Cash Bail
Rhode IslandWith Cash Bail
South CarolinaWith Cash Bail
South DakotaWith Cash Bail
TennesseeWith Cash Bail
TexasWith Cash Bail
UtahWith Cash Bail
VermontWith Cash Bail
VirginiaWith Cash Bail
WashingtonWith Cash Bail
West VirginiaWith Cash Bail
WisconsinWith Cash Bail
WyomingWith Cash Bail
California's bail system eliminates cash bail for those who cannot afford to pay, but stops short of...
District of ColumbiaNo Cash Bail
Like an increasing number of states, the District of Colombia foregoes cash bail in favor of risk as...
IllinoisNo Cash Bail
Illinois' bill eliminating cash bail was delayed by legal challenges, but eventually went into effec...
New JerseyNo Cash Bail
New Jersey effectively eliminated cash bail in 2014, but support exists to reinstate it in some capa...
New MexicoNo Cash Bail
New Mexico voters approved a constitutional amendment abolishing cash bail in favor of a system in w...
New YorkNo Cash Bail
New York effectively eliminated cash bail in 2019, but rolled back bail restrictions on three subseq...
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